Victims of Alleged Rape of UMY Student Activists Increase to 3 People

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Polisi Klaim Kantongi Sketsa Terduga Pemerkosa Mahasiswi Aceh

Yogyakarta, ONENEWS.MY.ID —

The alleged victim of the case rape Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University campus activist (UMY) by the alleged perpetrators with the initials MKA alias OCD, increased to 3 people.

The Instagram account @dear_umycatcallers, which first raised the suspicion of this case, re-uploaded the reports of the second and third victims of the alleged perpetrators.

In the upload about the second victim, Monday (3/1), the account includes a chronology accompanied by a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between MKA alias OCD and his victim after the rape incident.

The account stated that the victim was a colleague of MKA, aka OCD. In October 2021, the victim, who went to a nightclub on Jalan Solo, was very drunk and was unconscious.

“This situation was used by MKA (OCD) to take the opportunity and take the victim to one of the closest hotels to the club,” the account wrote.

According to reports, the unconscious victim was raped by MKA alias OCD. The victim was conscious for a moment because he felt a compulsion during the act of rape.

The victim was unable to fight back because the suspect was pinned down by the suspect. He saw that he was completely naked when he came to his senses.

“In gender analysis, the victim in this action experiences Tonic Immobility (ngefreeze). Tonic Immobility is the body’s response to an unavoidable danger situation. It usually occurs in victims, survivors of sexual violence. to respond to dangerous conditions. Don’t run away or fight the perpetrator, it’s hard to scream, like being stuck in your throat,” explained the account.

The third victim said the alleged rape took place in December 2018. The victim at that time was still a new student (maba) who took part in the Student Executive Board (BEM) recruitment test and was declared successful.

“Then the victim was invited by MKA (OCD) to gather at his rented house. The victim wanted to be invited to the MKA (OCD) rental, because the victim knew several members of the BEM and the victim thought that there would be a lot of people there (MKA/OCD rented),” the account continued. in a different upload.

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When the victim arrived at the MKA aka OCD rented house, no other BEM members were found except for the alleged perpetrator who said that his other colleagues had not arrived and were usually late. Half an hour passed, they still did not arrive.

The victim began to feel restless and uncomfortable about going home but was prevented by MKA alias OCD on the pretext of asking for help in separating the BEM registrant files while telling stories. However, over time the story leads to intimate things. The victim tried to divert the conversation, but MKA alias OCD continued the discussion.

Victims who try to say goodbye to go home are always detained by MKA aka OCD. Until finally he lay down on the bed and his clothes were forcibly removed. The victim admitted that he could not fight because he was defeated. The alleged perpetrator is said to have raped through the anus until the victim returned home in pain.

“In addition to rape, MKA (OCD) also took actions that were not approved by the victim, namely penetration through the anus,” closed the account.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, the first report came from a fellow student of MKA alias OCD who admitted that she was raped in the boarding house of the alleged perpetrator about 3.5 months ago. MKA alias OCD is said to have raped his victim under the influence of alcohol.

UMY Clarification

UMY again issued an official statement regarding the alleged rape case involving one of its students.

In an official statement shared by the Head of the Bureau of Public Relations and Protocol, Hijriyah Oktaviani, the campus expressly states that it has zero tolerance for perpetrators of disciplinary violations, especially those that lead to criminal acts.

UMY has regulations for handling cases of disciplinary violations under the Student Discipline and Ethics Committee. UMY has also appointed a Legal Aid and Consultation Center (PKBH FH UMY) to provide assistance to victims or survivors if they wish to take legal action.

“UMY seeks to obtain valid information from survivors directly, not only through reports on social media, so that a thorough investigation can be carried out to obtain evidence and the truth of the case,” said point 3 in the statement received., Tuesday (4/1).

It was written that UMY claimed to be responsible for the mentoring and counseling process for survivors through counseling services facilitated by the UMY Student and Alumni Development Institute (LPKA).

“UMY has given confirmation to the perpetrators to provide honest clarification as a form of good faith, and will take a firm decision if the perpetrator is proven guilty,” said point 5 in the statement.

The campus claims to have independent principles and attitudes in making policies and decisions in accordance with applicable regulations.


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