6 Natural Remedies for Eczema Relief

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, JakartaEczema is a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed.

Quoted from healthcentral.com, eczema is marked with dryness, itch, inflammation, flakiness, bumps or fissures on the arm and feet skins.

Doctor would prescribe corticosteroids to ease the itch. However, eczema can be cured with natural herbs and medications, namely aloe vera, turmeric etc.

On the following, healthline.com gives recommendations on natural herbs to cure eczema.

1. Coconut Oil

According to nationaleczema.org, the anti-bacterial contained in the oil can reduce bacteria on the skin and prevent infection. For eczema victims, this is an important thing because the inflamed patches will pop and leak fluid, then bacteria can enter and infect it.

For usage, simply just rub the oil to the skin. Choose the pure or cold-pressed one for a natural skin moisturizer.

2. Sunflower Oil

Research has shown that sunflowers can protect the outer layer of skin, maintain the moisture and remove bacteria. It’s also able to hydrate the skin and ease itch and flammation.

3. Calendula Cream

This particular cream is believed to be able to cure eczema at the feet or any other parts. Calendula has been used as a traditional herb for centuries and mainly used to cure skin inflammation, burns etc.

This herb can also increase the blood flow to the skin and therefore helps in moistening the skin and preventing infection. However, research on Calendula’s effectiveness is still minimal, yet many claim it can cure eczema.

4. Witch-hazel

Witch-hazel is the extract from the leaf and bush of a plant called Hamamelis virginiana. The herb is rich in tannin which is useful for skin. For centuries, it has been used to cure inflammation, drying skin that secretes liquid and ease itch.

5. Oatmeal

Colloidal Oatmeal is made from ground wheat, and is believed to ease and smooth the flamed skin. The creation process is by putting the oatmeal powder into water. Then dip the feet for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, dry the feet and feel the difference.

6. Aloe Vera

The natural gel produced from extracting the plant is able to cure itch caused by bug bite or irritation because it contains anti-inflammation substance. Additionally, aloe vera can give a cold sensation to the skin which is needed for eczema sufferers.

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