Apologizing in the Rizieq Billboard Case, Narji Denies PKS Intervention

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Narji menyebut hanya ada dua orang yang ia turuti perintahnya, yakni ibu dan istrinya. Selebihnya, Narji tak mengaku tak suka diperintah.


Comedian and politician VFD Sunarji alias Narji Cagur denied any party intervention related to the apology he made in the billboard removal case Rizieq Shihab, last November 2020.

At that time, Narji had expressed support for General Dudung Abdurachman who removed Rizieq’s billboard.

Narji said, through the apology, he just wanted to make sure his actions at that time did not hurt the community, especially the current PKS cadres. Because, he said his current party, PKS, would be a place to improve itself.

“It means, if the behavior so far has been wrong, it is not right in the eyes of the community, in the eyes of cadres, this PKS is a place for me to learn to improve myself,” said Narji at the PKS DPD office in South Tangerang City, Wednesday (5/1).

In addition, Narji asserts that he is the type of person who does not like to be ordered, including in this apology case. He said that only two people could rule over him, namely his mother and wife.

“That’s what told me to follow. As for the others, really, whoever, the most unruly person, me,” he said.

Furthermore, the comedian, who is popular through the comedy group Cagur, requested that he not be too involved with the issue. Narji also emphasized that the apology did not mean the support he had given to Dudung, the Commander of the Jaya Regional Military Command at that time, was a mistake.

Narji admits that he doesn’t want to have enemies. All the decisions he took were an attempt to make friends with all parties.

“That means don’t get too attached to it. I’ve all said it, everything I’ve done, I’m all friends with everyone. All agencies, all groups,” he said.

The day before, Tuesday (4/1), Narji apologized for having supported the decision of General Dudung Abdurachman, the Jayakarta Regional Commander at that time, to regulate billboards with pictures of former FPI Imam Rizieq Shihab after his return at the end of 2020.

Narji conveyed this support through a wreath that was displayed at the Kodam Jaya headquarters, Jakarta. Narji was not alone at that time. He represented the capital’s artist community shortly after the removal of Rizieq’s billboard by TNI soldiers on Dudung’s orders.

“I hope people will forgive. How can people not forgive me. My wife only forgives me, who has a look like this,” he told CNNIndonesia.com, when confirmed, Tuesday (4/1).


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