Def Leppard drummer uses inspiring comeback to lift others

ABC News’ Phil Lipof sits down with Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen and discusses the car accident that took his arm and his continued drumming for the band.

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  1. I saw Rick on pyromania and liked the show ….I saw him again for hysteria tour and was memorized how this 22 year old kid adapted,overcame and had the best selling album that band ever did! Now if you didn't know it and you closed your eyes you'd never ever ever think 🤔 he had 1 arm! Magic ✨. He's an amazing inspiration to never give up your dream! That band has been through the most tragic events rip Steve steaming Clark ! That guy wrote some magical 🎵🎶 leads and rythm 🎸 miss you Steve!!!

  2. I am more an electro pop and synthpop guy, but I do love Def Leppard and their music. I remember the time the "Hysteria" album was released. Even in 1987 critics it was called a milestone. Now we know it's one of the best hard rock albums ever, if not the best selled ever. 20 million sales.

  3. Quién dijo que los metaleros no tienen corazón? El señor Rick Allen es un músico señores!! Bien por el y su testimonio de vida, y como lo dijo una vez Roger Taylor en Wembley, ladys & gentlemen: Def Leppard!!!🥁🎸✌️

  4. This guy should be an inspiration to anyone who is finding themselves facing setbacks in life and needing the courage to move past them. A note on the side, if I ever lose an arm, I’m getting an attachment to make it look like a sci-fi laser cannon

  5. Rick is an inspiration to anyone dealing with any disability or disadvantage. The band are an example of what true friendship really means. You never leave the ones you love behind no matter what. I love these guys. Rick's accident happened on my 19th birthday

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