India’s Covid ‘explodes’ 56 percent in a day, breaking 58 thousand cases

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India melaporkan lebih dari 58 ribu kasus Covid-19 dalam 24 jam hingga Rabu (5/1), naik 56 persen dari hari sebelumnya.


India reported more than 58,000 cases Covid-19 in the 24 hours to Wednesday (5/1), up 56 percent from the previous day. It was the highest daily spike in the entire pandemic, to the point that Indian media called it an “explosion.”

As reported Reuters, India reported a total of 58,097 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday. This figure is up 56 percent from 37,123 Covid-19 cases recorded the day before.

According to reports Times of IndiaThis is the highest spike in Covid-19 cases in one day during the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020.

Based on these media records, India has only once recorded a spike in cases of more than 56 percent in a day, namely 63 percent on January 28, 2021.

The spike is also expected to occur due to a disruption in the distribution of data because the previous day was a holiday.

India has experienced a drastic spike in Covid-19 cases starting Saturday (1/1). On that day, India reported 27,553 new cases of coronavirus infection. This figure increased sharply from the previous week which was only less than 10,000 cases.

The Indian Ministry of Health on Sunday (2/1) said that the increase in cases of Covid-19 infection was triggered by the spread of a new variant of Omicron in the country.

Faced with this surge, the Indian government began to carry out vaccinations for citizens aged 15 to 18 years. As of Monday (3/1), India has vaccinated 3.8 million teenagers in that age range.

Several Indian states also have ambitious targets for vaccination. Authorities in Gujarat, for one, plan to give the first dose of the vaccine to 3.6 million teenagers this week.

“We are able and we have vaccines to give to children. We urge parents to cooperate and ensure their children are vaccinated as soon as possible,” said Gujarat Health Commissioner, Jai Prakash Shivahare.


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