Kim Kardashian Unfollows Miley Cyrus on Instagram

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Kim Kardashian berhenti mengikuti Miley Cyrus di Instagram setelah Miley diketahui menghabiskan waktu bersama Pete Davidson.


Kim Kardashian unfollow Miley Cyrus on Instagram. This was done after Miley hosted the New Year’s Eve program with Pete Davidson.

Aceshowbiz reported on Wednesday (5/2), the news of Kim Kardashian unfollowing Miley Cyrus was known through account Miley Cyrus fan.

Kim is said to be following Miley until December 10, 2021. That date coincided with Miley visiting Pete’s apartment on Staten Island after they were filming The Tonight Show.

However, on Tuesday (4/1), it was discovered that Kim no longer follows Miley Cyrus on Instagram while the singer still follows Kanye West’s ex-wife.

The cause of Kim Kardashian unfollowing Miley Cyrus’s Instagram account is still unclear. This news also emerged after Miley and Pete appeared together at the New Year’s Eve event.

During the event, Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson appeared to sing Will Smith’s single Miami.

Meanwhile, Kim and Pete are currently on vacation together in the Bahamas. The two went on vacation together after celebrating New Year’s Eve separately.

“Kim and Pete are spending time on vacation together,” a source told ET on Tuesday (4/1).

“They both can’t call in the new year because of him [Kim] with his family in California and Pete for a special New Year’s Eve event in Miami.”

Kim and Pete are said to be busy in the coming months so they’re taking time out to be together.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are reportedly officially dating in December 2021 after being spotted walking and spending time together.

“They are really happy and looking forward to the direction this relationship is going,” a source told E! on Friday (19/11). “Pete told Kim he didn’t want to look for anyone else,”

“Kim has told a number of people that they’re not super serious but she’s not dating anyone else either. So she’s trying not to make it a big thing but really likes it,” the source said.

The source said Kim fell in love with Pete and admittedly excited him. According to the source, Kim felt lighter when she was with Pete Davidson.


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