Kiss with Reza Rahadian in Kites Break, Anya Geraldine Use Lust?

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Kites Break (Dok MD Pictures)

ONENEWS.MY.IDAnya Geraldine for the first time doing intimate scenes since plunging into the world of acting 2018. Not just hugs, there are also bed scenes to kissing lips.

It’s all done Anya with Reza Rahadian in the series Web Kite Break Up broadcast on WeTV. Anya said that when she acted in the scene she did not use lust.

“Lust or not, yes or no. Because of that, it was filming, the original purpose was to shoot,” said Anya, quoted from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel.

I didn’t even think about Anya’s words using lust, considering these scenes were played in front of many people. “Well, because many people see the location, I don’t think about lust,” he added.

Kites Break (Dok MD Pictures)

Moreover, Anya’s co-star is a top actor who certainly puts forward a professional attitude. “Kak Reza is already the best in his field, professional,” said Anya.

Straightening the bed scene so there’s no misperception, movie star Yowis Ben Finale emphasized the scene, “Actually it was just a kiss.” No more.

Broken Kite inflate the name Anya as an actress. In the web series produced by MD Pictures, Anya plays Lidya, the third person in the married life of Aris (Reza Rahadian) and Kinan (Putri Marino).

This is the second time that Anya has got the role of actor. Previously, the actor played in the film which also stars Gading Marten and Ariel Tatum.



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