Las Vegas community mourns the loss of 23-year-old Tina Tinto

The Las Vegas community remembered 23-year-old Tina Tinto on Friday night. Tina was killed in a crash involving former Raider Henry Ruggs III.

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  1. Action of a complete, idiot, took Tina and max away from family and friend .worry not,ruggs has lawyers hired by. NFL and raiders,any prison time is all that is needed, to put ruggs in hands ,of prisoners. Someone will perform, prison justice, on this piece of crap.

  2. Hey Ruggs….next time you want to feel sorry for yourself while sitting in your cell for the next 20 years, think about the excruciating pain and epic fear that youg lady and her dog had to endure while being completely burned alive! This is what can often happen while driving under the influence. All you drunk drivers out there, this definitely could be you so don't make that same error in judgment, call the damn Uber for God's sake!!!

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