Many Perumnas Land in Strategic Areas, PUPR Hopes to Participate in Building ASN Flats

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, JakartaThe Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing or PUPR through the Directorate General of Housing together with Perum Perumnas is committed to continuing to improve the development of decent housing through the One Million Houses Program.

“We are ready to commit together with Perumnas to increase housing construction for people throughout Indonesia,” said Director General of Housing at the Ministry of PUPR Iwan Suprijanto in a press release in Jakarta, Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

He stated this when he received an audience from Perum Perumnas President Director Budi Saddewa Soediro at the PUPR Ministry Office, Jakarta, yesterday.

Also attending the event were Director of System and Strategy for Housing Implementation Edward Abdurrahman, Director of Public and Commercial Housing Fitrah Nur, Deputy Director of Perum Perumnas Oni Febriarto Rahardjo and Director of Production of Perumnas Tri Hartanto.

According to Iwan, the implementation of the Million Houses Program really needs support from various parties, including Perumnas.

In addition, he said, the support and contribution of Perum Perumnas in the construction of houses is expected to help the community to have decent housing at affordable prices.

Moreover, he continued, Perumnas has a number of land assets that are strategically located so that they can be used as housing development locations.


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