Not only the World Cup, FIFA also recommends the Euro every 2 years, making noise?

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“The World Cup is only once every 2 years, it’s already made another discourse”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – FIFA president Gianni Infantino has suggested the European Championship (EURO) will follow and become a biennial event if the proposed World Cup plans are successful.

Led by global head of football development Arsene Wenger, FIFA has promoted the idea of ​​changing the World Cup format to take place every two years. An idea that is strongly opposed by UEFA and CONMEBOL.

FIFA claimed to its member associations at their global summit in December that the changes would make football $4.4 billion richer over the initial four-year cycle.

Infantino, faced with strong opposition in Europe and South America, added further commotion by suggesting the Euros would happen more often if plans for the biennial World Cup come to fruition.

Asked by Italian outlet Radio Anch’io what will happen to the major international tournaments of European football after the World Cup proposal, Infantino replied: “Euros will also take place every two years.

“In Europe, there is resistance because there is talk of this biennial World Cup, with the best leagues and players in the world, but that’s not the case worldwide: It’s a month of the year, and we have to do it. Finding a way to really get the whole world into football.”

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Last month, UEFA published a contrasting independent survey calling the suggested changes “worrisome” just hours before FIFA released a study reporting a “majority” of countries backing the World Cup every two years.

Infantino again claimed that FIFA’s previous findings showed that the changes were feasible and acceptable to many parties.

He added: “The presumption is clear: 88 per cent of countries, including the majority in Europe, have asked for research and the research tells us that from a sporting point of view a World Cup every two years will be successful.

“There will be fewer international matches but with greater impact.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is also part of a growing list of opposition, including Kylian Mbappe and Robert Lewandowski, who are concerned about the impact of the changes on the world’s sporting calendar.

The two superstars are worried about the welfare and health of players if the discourse is realized. Not only Mbappe and Lewandowski, several months ago Toni Kroos also revealed scathing comments to FIFA.

Where, the Real Madrid player said that we (football players) are modern slaves. How come? Footballers have to play every 3 days, and it’s tiring. Meanwhile, they (FIFA) only think about money and profit as much as possible, because the more competitions they hold, the more coffers of income they earn.

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