Often Appears With Expensive Fashion, It Turns Out That Jennie Also Uses Products Worth 100 Thousands! | Kpop Chart

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Jennie, one of the BLACKPINK members, often presents various photos that show her using the latest fashion products that have high prices.

This brand ambassador from CHANEL and Calvin Klein, on December 25, 2021, uploaded a series of photos showing him wearing green clothes.

However, one of the products used by BLACKPINK’s Jennie in the photos has attracted attention and surprised netizens with the price.

Sock over-the-calf which is one of the products from one of the South Korean brands is priced at 9000 KRW or around 100 thousand only.

However, Jennie can present a luxurious impression and of course look beautiful which you can see through her post below. (ONENEWS.MY.ID)

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