RK Reveals 9 Omicron West Java Residents, Prepare Scenarios to Face Nataru’s Impact

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Ridwan Kamil mengimbau kepala daerah dan kepala BPBD di jawa Barat untuk siaga satu menghadapi potensi bencana di musim hujan.


Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil or Emil clarifies regarding 20 confirmed cases of Covid-19 Omicron variant. He said of that number, only nine people were residents of West Java.

The nine people, said Emil, were travelers from abroad. They were found positive after testing in the West Java laboratory.

“Yesterday there were about 20 who were tested in the West Java lab which was adequate. It turns out that 9 out of 20 are West Java ID card residents who have just arrived from abroad,” said Emil to CNNIndonesia TV, Wednesday (5/1).

Emil said that all those confirmed by Omicron were asymptomatic. So, no one is admitted to the hospital (RS) to be given further action.

“He also recovers faster,” he said.

Triple Test Anticipating Local Transmission

Emil claimed that his party carried out tests of up to 30,000 per day. The number of tests is equivalent to three times the epidemiological recommendation, which is 10,000 tests per day.

“Based on the clinical results and the epidemiologist, it is enough for us to test 10 thousand per day. Now our average test is three times higher at 30 thousand tests per day to anticipate the increase in Omicron,” said Emil.

In addition, he also claims to have tightened contact tracing (tracing). He said that from one person who was confirmed positive, there were 9 close contacts who were also tested.

“We also do tracing on 9 people,” he said.

Prepare for the Worst Scenario

Apart from these two efforts, Emil also admitted that he was preparing the worst scenario. Because, based on his experience last year, two weeks after Christmas and the new year (Nataru) Covid cases spiked.

He said that his party was preparing the hospital until the oxygen stock was available. So, if the potential spike does occur, his party will not be distraught.

“The fundamental thing is that we are preparing for the worst case scenario, usually 14 days after Nataru, which means next week we are anxious and ready, there should be no upward trend,” he said.

“That’s why the hospital has been prepared to increase tracing, including preparations if oxygen is needed. We have experience last year. But optimistically, the difference from our previous vaccination is very high,” he added.


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