Shooting suspect identified in 'completely random' shooting outside of Las Vegas gas station

A suspect connected to deadly shooting outside of a gas station early Thursday morning has been identified.

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  1. Completely senseless.. when will we realize we need tighter gun laws? more mental health evaluations with no fee? how do we stop this? came from Beleaf in Fatherhood after watching his video about this, his cousin was the one killed.

  2. I have neighbor that a rabid Trump hater or anyone that supported or is conservative. He is supports blm and antifa . He has stated that if had a firearm he would kill as many of us. And he white so he is not racist, just lung. The police has contacted him many times but because of the changes they cannot do much. This in a very rural area. Why is many bottom feeders are craving out.

  3. Theres more to life than randomly killing ppl for all you ugly muthafukers out there like this creepy looking weirdo in the video, if you feel like the walls are closing in just hang yourselves instead of killing random innocent ppl you coward little pricks

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