Sing 2 hypnotizes the audience to join in humming & swaying together

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Sing 2

Sing 2 is a film by Universal Pictures and Illumination, and features the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Taron Egerton, Reese Witherspoon

The storyline is simple, tells about the struggle to achieve goals and also the process of dealing with happiness and loss in life, making this film interesting to watch as a family.

This film will feature a lot of songs by the legendary singer Bono, who also voices a character in the entertainment industry named Clay Calloway. In addition there is Halsey and also Pharrell.

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It can be said that throughout this film, the audience will be entertained with old songs that are remixed again, bringing back nostalgia for the audience and sharing stories with children and today’s generation.

Bringing back characters with a variety of animals, Sing 2 takes this franchise to the next level.

sing 2

Mr. Moon symbolizes a character who carries a vision and mission, moves all members in this group, to remain optimistic, even though there are obstacles and obstacles in front of their eyes. He is like a torch that never goes out, with a clever yet witty mind.

Of course, the overall roles of other members also play an important role here, because it is like all the members of the human body, with each other, are interrelated, and together produce something extraordinary.

The common thread between Sing 1 and Sing 2, remains in this Mr Moon character, who has managed to again make those who dislike him, become his supporters at critical times. They seem to see that all this time what Mr. Moon has brought is something that can be done and that is an extraordinary thing.

It can be said that Mr Moon reminds the audience of real characters in the world who are pioneers to inventors who carry out their vision and mission, bringing the world to a better time.

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The character of Rosita, who was appointed as a star in the show, displays the spirit that when fear can be overcome, then dreams can come true. It displays and promises new hope and enthusiasm for its audience.

As for the characters Meena and Johnny, they symbolize the spirit that as long as there is desire and effort, success will be achieved, the most important thing is that efforts in that direction must be fought for day after day.

The appearance of the Porsche with the song Girl on Fire draw attention. He symbolizes a character who has talent, but because the environment around him is very caring and indulgent, he is unable to see the reality, that he is only talented in voice, so when Mr Moon gives the truth he is shocked and misunderstood.

In Sing 2, it can be said that the songs displayed really show the storyline to be conveyed, the lyrics of the songs really support the stresses of the scenes that occur. This makes the audience get carried away with their emotions and for those who are not shy and are spontaneous types, they will also sway and sing along with the songs and rhythms presented in this film. The atmosphere of the concert and the theater stage that became the focus of attention did not disappoint.

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