The story of Sierra Leone coach threatened with death while announcing 2021 Africa Cup of Nations squad

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“Sad to hear that.”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – There are always things that are rarely revealed to the surface in a football story. For example, ahead of the biggest event in the entire African continent, especially if not the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. Apparently, there are interesting and sad things that are rarely known.

This is the story of John Keister, the coach of the Sierra Leone national team, a small West African nation that will take part in the Africa Cup of Nations when Cameroon is appointed as the host.

Keister said he received death threats after announcing the composition of the squad he will take to this year’s Africa Cup of Nations.

The 51-year-old received two threats – regarding the entry of certain players – the day before announcing his 28 players and reporting them to local police.

“I think it’s very sad that it has to come to this,” Manchester-born Keister told BBC Sport Africa. “Whatever path in life you lead, no one deserves it.”

“I don’t think it should get to the point where my life is in danger because people feel certain players have to be in the (squad) – and if they don’t, this is what they will do,” added Keister.

Keister himself was a footballer who featured for several English clubs, including Walsall and non-league side Margate, as well as being a mainstay of the Sierra Leone national team between 1997 and 2003.
Keister returned to Sierra Leone as coach of the national team and has led the Leone Stars to world number 108. And, in this African Cup of Nations, this is the first time since they last participated in 1996.

“We’ve come a long way, (so) there’s no excuse for (kill threats),” Keister added.

“I have a family, I look after these kids and I have work to do. It makes me angry and for me, where I come from and my background, I feel there is something I need to do about it,” she said. like rant.

Kiester’s squad, including defender who poor across the Premier League, Steven Caulker, and former Middlesbrough striker, Kei Kamara.

In the first match, Sierra Leone faced defending champion Algeria. Then, Ivory Coast and Guinea, which are all joined in Group E. So how is Sierra Leone doing under coach John Keister, a coach who is in danger of being killed because of his choice of player composition.

Interesting to look forward to.

(mochamad rahmatul haq/yul)

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