Used to be the top scorer of the AFF U-22 Cup, how is Marinus Wanewar now?

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“Papua never runs out of talent. Unfortunately, there’s a lot going on…”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – The Indonesian national team will soon carry out the U-23 AFF Cup tournament which will be held again in Cambodia in mid-February, as the defending champion, the Garuda squad will certainly go all out to defend the title obtained in 2019 which passed — at that time it was called the Cup. AFF U-22.

And if you still remember, one of the national team stars at that time that caught the attention was striker from Papua, Marinus Wanewar, who at that time was the top scorer along with his three goals: one goal against Malaysia and two goals against the home team, Cambodia. All in the group stage.

The other two top scorers are Saringkan Promsupa from Thailand and Tran Danh Trung from Vietnam. However, Marinus is the one who is most often highlighted because of his antics and is considered provocative by the opponent.

Many think that Marinus will have a bright future in national football after winning the AFF U-22 Cup, but in fact the progress of the 24-year-old player seems to be rising and falling.

So what’s up with one of the mainstay players of the Indra Sjafri era? At which club did he play and what is his record like?

Recently, Marinus became one of the players brought in by PSM Makassar in preparation for the second round of the 2021/22 League 1 season. Previously, Marinus had strengthened Persis Solo and brought the club belonging to Kaesang Pangaren to promotion to League 1 with champion status.

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But when in Persis, Marinus was almost never played at all. And according to Transfermarkt data throughout 2016-2019, Marinus only defended 2 clubs. The first is Persipura Jayapura. In the 2016 Indonesian League top competition, which at that time was still called ISC A, Marinus, who was still 19 years old, appeared 13 times and scored 2 goals.

In the following season, the Liga 1 era in 2017, Marinus experienced an increase in performance. He played 19 times and scored 3 goals.

At that time, Persipura still relied heavily on senior players, such as Boaz Solossa and Hilton Moreira, as well as Marcel Sacramento, on the front lines, and to increase his flying time, Marinus was finally loaned to Bhayangkara FC.
Where the record is almost the same as at the club nicknamed the Black Pearl.

Even so, Marinus is still considered to have potential that can be continuously honed and will Marinus’ talent at PSM Makassar be processed in the right way?

(persistent faithadi dharma/mag)

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