Witness details scene of fiery, suspected DUI crash involving Raiders' Henry Ruggs III

“I started hearing people yelling,” a viewer told FOX5 after witnessing the deadly suspected DUI crash on Rainbow Boulevard and Spring Valley Parkway on Nov. 2 involving Raiders’ Henry Ruggs III. He tried to help.


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  1. I can't believe that Corvette held up like that. I guarantee if the engine was in the front they would of died too. Not a good time to be speeding and causing an innocent death and the puppy. They will roast him and his life is basically over now too. The gravy train is over, that plus living with what you did is a fk long way to fall from living on easy street like you were.

  2. Poor woman & her dog. That is the worst imaginable death, to burn alive & with your dog whom she loved like a child. Absolutely preventable had he taken an Uber. He deserves to rot in hell & never see the light of day! Him & his girlfriend or baby mama whatever the fuck!

  3. I’m not going to lie YALL taking this to serious, we all have a time and a place to die. Y’all all need to go own with y’all life. This doesn’t concern u, unless that was ur family member or that was ur friend. I send my condolence to her family and friends. But that is his problem not ours. Life is a allusion, everything seems real but it’s fake. Y’all took ur time and energy just to talk abt this, when later down the road it’s going to be a meme.

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