Woman killed in crash involving ex-Raiders player remembered as smart, charismatic

At a Spring Valley intersection on Wednesday night, candles and balloons were on display to honor 23-year-old Tina Tintor.


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  1. Are you KIDDING ME?! 156 miles an hour! ! You deliberately got in a deadly weapon drunk and took the lives of a beautiful woman and her dog. How insensitive, egotistical and stupid can you be. Are you going to play the "hit on the head too many times" card? I hope you lose everything and live with this guilt every day of your waste of a life.

  2. Lawyer tried to hide evidence from the blood report. The lawyer should be taken the license away. Ex Raider causes her dead. The car burned causing her dead and her dog when still alive. Justice!! The lawyer job is to defend the person not to hide evidence of his intoxication. What about the passenger that also didn't do anything to stop him from driving?

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