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The first round of Liga 1 2021-2022 is coming to an end, a sign that the second round will start soon.

For approximately three weeks, the team was given the opportunity to evaluate after undergoing the first round.

In the past three weeks, a lot has happened within the team, ranging from a massive revolution due to discontent to the emergence of a new culture of supporters due to the implementation of the draw system.

The following are six interesting incidents carried out by Liga 1 2021-2022 clubs during the competition break.

1. Different Preparations

PSS Sleman carried out outbound activities on the sidelines of preparation for the 2nd round of Liga 1 2021-2022 which will start on January 6, 2021.

This activity was deliberately held to rebuild a sense of togetherness among team members. This is because the management carried out a massive evaluation after the unsatisfactory performance in the first round.

The management ended the collaboration with eight names, namely coach Dejan Antonic and his assistant Mladen Dodic, as well as six players at once: Adi Satryo, Fandry Imbiri, Fitra Ridwan, Irfan Jaya, Samsul Arifin, and Nemanja Kojic.

Instead, the management introduced 11 new names, including coach I Putu Gede with his two assistants Guntur Cahyo and Lukman Afif, as well as nine new players; Dave Mustaine, Wander Luiz, Supriyadi Eeng, Bagus Prasetyo, Riki Dwi, Syahori, Imam Mahmudi, Mahdi Albar, and Rizky Darmawan.

This record makes PSS Sleman as one of the most active teams in the mid-season transfer market.

Madura United did not want to lose momentum despite the competition break. While other teams were enjoying their holidays, the team nicknamed Laskar Sape Kerrab took an early start by holding a training camp.

Greg Nwokolo et al received physical and technical training by coach Fabio Lefundes intensely on 21-29 December 2021 in Pati.

This training camp is organized to keep the engine hot during the holidays. In addition, training camps are also needed to get to know the coaches and players better.

It is known that Madura United is the only team to hold TC during the half-season break.

2. Six Teams to Recruit New Coaches in the Second Round

At the beginning of this second round, there were at least six teams led by a new coach. Persiraja Banda Aceh who introduced Sergio Alexandre as the new skipper. He is a former coach of Thai club Suphanburi FC. His presence is expected to save Laskar Rencong from the threat of relegation.

Furthermore, Barito Putera announced a partnership with the former coach of Madura United and RANS Cilegon FC, Rahmad Darmawan. He came in to replace Djadjang Nurdjaman.

PSIS Semarang again reconciled with its former coach Dragan Djukanovic. Previously, he decided to resign from his position a few weeks before the 2021-2022 Liga 1 kick off. The coach from Montenegro came in to replace Imran Nahumarury who resigned as coach.

Persela Lamongan also reshuffled, they recruited Jafri Sastra to replace Iwan Setiawan. Previously, he was the former coach of PSPS Riau in Liga 2.

PSS Sleman followed Persela’s lead by using the services of a former coach of a Liga 2 club. After releasing Dejan Antonic, the team nicknamed Super Elang Jawa introduced former Persekat Tegal coach I Putu Gede as its new coach.

Finally, PSM Makassar introduced Jopp Gall as head coach. He replaces the role of Milomir Seslija who ended the collaboration at the end of last November.
3. Seven Defending Coaches in One Club

Many coaches have fallen victim to the heat of the first round of Liga 1 2021-2022. In total there were 11 clubs that changed coaches during this first round, either released or resigned.

However, from a series of names that have fallen, there are seven coaches who managed to maintain their position. Interestingly, some of them are coaches who are still trying to find the best performance for the team they lead.

The seven coaches are Paul Munster (Bhayangkara FC), Robert Rene Albert (Persib Bandung), Eduardo Almeida (Arema FC), Aji Santoso (Persebaya Surabaya), Stefano Teco Cugurra (Bali United), Angelo Alessio (Persija Jakarta), and Widodo. Cahyono Putro (Persita Tangerang).
4. Wave of Players from League 2

The second round of Liga 1 coincides with the end of Liga 2 2021, resulting in a wave of loan players from League 2 or returning to their home clubs in League 1.

In addition, several League 1 clubs also deliberately brought in potential League 2 players to strengthen the team in the second round.

A total of no less than 22 players from League 2 clubs who went up to class with League 1 clubs in the second round spread across 11 different clubs.

5. A busy transfer market

Although it was not exposed in detail, the flow of players in and out of the transfer market for the 2021-2022 League 1 season was very dense.

Based on data from the Transfermarkt.com page, as of January 3, 2022, 104 players have joined. Most of the players returned to their original clubs after undergoing loan periods in Liga 2, including the purchase of players from League 2 clubs and other fellow League 1 clubs.

Apart from that, there were also several promotion players and also recruitment from amateur clubs. As Persiraja Banda Aceh did by recruiting six players from PON Aceh.

The flow of players leaving League 1 clubs is no less crowded. In total, there are 74 League 1 club players who left their clubs for reasons of being released or on loan to other clubs.

Some of the players, including foreign players, did not appear to be performing as expected.

6. The Emergence of a New Culture Escort the Departure of the Team

The implementation of the series system makes the interaction of supporters and teams limited. Therefore, the supporters took the initiative to take advantage of the available time to convey their support to the proud team.

One way is to escort the team’s departure to the battlefield.

So far, there are a number of groups of supporters who provide escort to the pride team towards the second round which was held in Bali.

Persik Kediri supporters delivered the departure on December 20, 2021. The control route is also quite long, from the player’s station on Jl PK Bangsa to the final limit on the Jombang Toll Road.

Recently, there was Bonek who escorted the departure of Marselino Ferdinand et al from the airport to Juanda Sidoarajo Airport.

This moment of control has become a new sacred culture for supporters. Because, this is the last chance for fans to show their support for the players.

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