ABC News Live: Dr. Fauci on the state of the pandemic

Plus, whistleblower blasts Facebook and questions raised over response time to the California oil spill.

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  1. Could we see the report on how ripping vocal cords out of a dog's neck was helpful or melting a monkey's brain with acid was helpful? No for real you media people praised this guy now we find out he's a psycho!! NIH also came out and said in fact that they funded gain of function research. He should be held in contempt. The media SUCKS!!

  2. I've been sick for 5 months after taking the Pfizer vax, forced by my employer! Vax is absolutely not safe, they are just silencing everyone who had adverse reactions to it. If it was safe, these companies wouldn't be exempt from any liability. Fauci is a criminal.

  3. This man should be in jail, he has been orchestrating the death of millions for the last 40 years. Patents reflect MARS, Ebola, Rika and SRS-Cov2 were manufactured. 120 patents for SARS-Cov2 exist dating back to 1999. Appalling that no he (Gates, Baric, Daszak) are not standing in the Human Rights court in The Hague. His time will come as the truth continues to grow. The truth will always be the Victor

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