ABC News Prime: Biden agenda on brink?; Jamie Spears suspended as conservator; Vaccinations in NBA


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  1. For what norway needs more tax as big oil & gas producer with new big oil field found delivering about 50% of gas in germany 25% in europe and only about 5 million inhabitants not needing to work and much water power for e-cars.
    What china payes for gas from russia & quatar in decade contracts and EU ?

    Increasements of saudi arabia are long time planned as substitution of outgoing oil on other places but also long time already gas & coal increased as substitition of oil with much more reserves but not in china etc. only nuclear or cold fusion, shooting protons or Hg in H2O side effect Hg-197 epsilon decay gold, energy is eternal cheap possible all boostable with new turbines efficiency near 100% using CO2 instead H2O steam and centrifugal compressor backflow cooling of all that way thermal isolatable instead cooled condensor no heat only electricity out from thermal input also for low heat source.turbine.

    What china pays for gas & coal decades contracts ? Germany stopped coal for bats and CO2 reduction also own fracking gas reserve because of unrecognizable micro quakes less 2.0 and danger for ground water also all nuclear power turned off until 2022.
    Most gas in germany buyed in norway about 50% and LNG over holland all together 36 LNG terminals in europe.also in Vladivostock & Yamal and new pipeline up to aserbaidchan.
    New aggrement for mediterian sea gas pipeline of Israel, Turkey, Greece etc.

  2. Something like magnesium NH3 ammonia battery could also work in the future, but also Sabatier CNG from electrolysis H2 + air CO2 so zero carbon cycle cheap but only on the basis of new nuclear power or cold fusion with a much more efficient turbine.

    Daily lithium price explosion and import gas price rallies real cold winter expected to fight global warming alone.

    Especially after a hurricane or a hurricane as a wind farm broken.

    Cheat packs at only + 2ppm / year are CO2 dangers, so only again in 2070 + 100ppm +0 5 ° C minus cooling of sulfur and the problem is above all a lack of lithium. In purely electric cars, hybrid also saves on charging infrastructure, the lithium price in 2021 already quadrupled and there is a CO2 reduction without green excess electricity, often absolutely too little in the world, anyway not with electric cars and electric trains with line losses and little brake recuperation and a lot of coal & gas flow approx. 40% are only diesel routes without a catalytic converter the locomotives and without centrifugal filters in coal-fired power plants in coal-gas power trains in the world.

    All over the world, oil, gas & coal is increasing all the time, also in Germany, gas imports instead of fracking when nuclear power is stopped.

    2017 approx. 4% energy from solar and wind power approx. 20% electricity.

    700+ bar CNG hybrid car is also cheap in the long term with Sabatier CNG from H2 + air CO2 based on nuclear power or cold fusion with efficient turbines, which also saves heating gas.

    Only a little more CO2 if coal is burned instead of gas, but not in the overall balance with long transport routes and a lot of methane slip

    more and more imports dependent on 2016 gas import world champion and 1st lignite production

    also No. 6 Import Oil & Coal.

    Really 100€/MWh payed in asia for LNG if price about 5.6€/0.293MWh = MMBtu for normal earth gas near source ? China did buy gas long ago with fixed price for new pipeline from russia that time high price.
    Also most coal in china is from china now also from russia not australia buyed also still some own gas.
    Russia can also deliver LNG from Yamal and Vladivostok to china.

    Tesla has been sourcing lithium hydroxide from Ganfeng since 2018. Yahua may have been chosen because Tesla is seeking more localized and regional supply chains, as the company expects to have a domestic supply of spodumene online in 2022, from the Lijiagou mine in Sichuan, according to Daiwa.31.12.2020

    Jiangxi Ganfeng is the largest lithium metal producer in the world, while its lithium compound capacity ranks third worldwide and first in China. The firm holds lithium resources across Australia, Argentina, and Mexico and has over 4,844 employees.26.08.2021

    The biggest environmental danger posed by lithium mining is the amount of water the process uses up: an estimated 500,000 gallons of water per ton of lithium extracted. This can endanger the communities where the lithium is being mined because it can cause droughts or famine if operations are not kept in check.22.10.2020

    While Chile, Australia, Argentina and China are home to the world's highest lithium reserves, other countries also hold significant amounts of the metal.25.08.2021

    Then in 1817, a chemist in Sweden found that petalite contained a previously unknown element. While he was able to isolate one of the salts, he failed to isolate the mineral completely. He did, however, name it lithium which meant “stone” in Greek. It was in 1855 when a British and a German chemist were able to separate the metal entirely. This discovery led to the commercial production of lithium metal which began in Germany in 1923.

    Few new infections 1429 and deaths 38 in Colombia at 51 million. EW and imof rate 51.81 / 32.54 in USA +116 090 + 2744 dead 331.449.281 EW vaccination rate 63.64 / 54.92 by Joe Biden much better than by Donald Trump before just washing hands properly.

  3. what can we BLAME OUR GOVERNMENTS of ? ( and perhaps the MEDIA )


    A. The difference between the effect of the vaccin and

    B. The Goal and effect of Medicinal Treatment ( f.e. during self-isolation )

    I am under the strong impression that THIS INFORMATION is NOT at all

    as widespread common knowledge, as it's supposed to be, given the circumstances.

    and (there for) being given a handling that is once again NOT based on irrifusable facts, but rather judgement of opinion,

  4. Yes, O.K.

    But why send people home for isolation, without ANY Tools and/or advice (-even denied)

    as to how to increase the strength of your antibodies ( just in case there not strong enough by themselves), to Fight this Bacterial Virus…

    It is a crime against humanity, or at least deeply schizofrenic authoritarian governing !!!

    and looks like even a possible conflict of interest in the light of the next information…

    On the one hand forcing VACCINS, but on the other hand deniing us, the MEDICATION AND INFORMATION…

    -' assuming you are INFORMED ENOUGH by the MEDIA to understand the DIFFERENCE between the The VACCIN and MEDICATION.

    1. Medication would have Prevented so many deaths…

    becouse of the empowerment it would have of the antybody;s (that are Perhaps not even STRONG ENOUGH ) to fight the virus, as opposed to

    2. Ensure that those antybodies are PREPARED to attack, via a 5 day headstart. WHICH is what the vaccine does, ( and only that ).

    IT is Crazy to then NOT mandate to Strengthen the army of antybodies that in the end are going to have to win the war for us…

    wheather you are having a headstart or not…


  6. What you hear in the News:

    They inflate the numbers of covid19 cases for the unwaxxinated to try to sell it to society to try to get people to get waxxinated. Like for example if someone dies in a motorcycle or car accident, they get counted AS a covid19 case, by what you see in the NEWS. Same if someone gets murdered etc. And people blindly believe it.

    They are SEVERELY DOWNPLAYING any bad effects of the "So called vaccine"

    The truth is these "so called vaccines" Are not waxxines, but a bioweapon. (99% Graphene Oxide) Which is EXTREMELY TOXIC to the body. We need to RESIST and not give in, whatever it takes. WAXXINES are VERY DANGEROUS and don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

    More people have died from THIS "WAXXINE" than from ALL other vaccines COMBINED.

    PLEASE: Tell your FAMILIES and FRIENDS, Neighbors, People on Social media (Even if they censor you)

    They are going to eventually make it mandatory to EVEN go to the Grocery Stores and Bank/access your money!


    We NEED to FIGHT BACK against the government at ALL COSTS!

    We need to pull out ALL the STOPS

  7. In case anyone was wondering why the Spears issue is news… This happens all the time to senior citizens. There's a whole industry of unscrupulous people and easy judges — total strangers who move in and take control of the lives and property of senior citizens without their family even knowing. They sell all the valuables, take all the money, and put the people in senior homes. All perfectly legal. By the time the family members can get control of the situation, the money and family heirlooms are gone. I hope the Spears situation will close this loophole and end the practice.

  8. 👎🏻 Shame on liberal bias ABC News that omitted former President Barack Obama's claim that open borders are "unsustainable" from the televised portion of his interview with the network. Obama said in a segment that was edited out of the televised version: "We’re a nation state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that . . . as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

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