About the future at Lechia Gdansk, Witan Sulaeman: I’m thinking about it

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“We wish the best for Witan Sulaeman’s career…”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – In the 2020 AFF Cup, Indonesia again failed to win, this is the sixth time for the Garuda squad to come out as runner-up in the most prestigious tournament in Southeast Asia.

But nevertheless we should be proud. Because the achievements we got in the event could not be separated from the hard work and cohesiveness of the team, especially the fighting power of the young players who were fully trusted by Shin Tae-yong.

And one of the proud young stars of the Indonesian national team, Witan Sulaeman, appeared as a prominent player in every match. He recorded five assists and two goals, his role is very vital in Indonesia’s front lines.

After the AFF Cup, of course Witan will return to work at club level, and recently the 20-year-old player spoke about his future at Lechia Gdansk, the highest caste club in the Polish League.

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“Therefore [masa depan di Lechia Gdansk] I’m thinking about it,” said Witan during the release of the 2020 AFF Cup squad at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (6/1) afternoon WIB.

After the tournament drained a lot of energy, Witan wanted to take advantage of his free time while still thinking about his future at Lechia Gdansk.

“Currently, I was given a week off to go home, after that I thought about it again,”

Witan himself only joined Lechia Gdansk in September 2021 with a two-year contract duration and he wants to immediately get regular playing minutes at the club.

“For me personally, I want to focus on the team [Lechia Gdansk] before. I want to get playing minutes too, basically I want more minutes because it’s good for me,” said Witan.

According to records from Transfermarkt, Witan Sulaeman himself has not once played in an official match with the Lechia Gdansk first team. He only made his debut in the test match against Jeziorak Ilawa on 4 September.

Let’s look forward to and pray for Witan Sulaeman and other Indonesian players who compete in foreign clubs.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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