BLACKPINK’s Full Album Until New Group HYBE, This is Big 4 Agency’s Plan in 2022 | Kpop Chart

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Entering the year 2022, various major K-Pop agencies in South Korea already have a list of their big plans.

K-Pop fans are certainly very interested in the big plans that will be carried out by the Big 4 agencies, namely HYBE LABEL, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment this year.

The following is a series of plans that will be carried out by the four major agencies in South Korea:


In 2022, HYBE will be active in Korea and overseas. ENHYPEN will be releasing a new album ‘Dimension: Answer’ on January 10, which will be HYBE’s first artist activity this year. Then BTS plans to release a new album this year and hold an offline concert in Seoul in March.

In addition, HYBE will also debut many new groups this year. The new girl group HYBE will be debuted under the label ADOR, led by CBO Min Hee Jin. A new girl group will also be debuted by Source Music, a subsidiary of HYBE. HYBE will also work with Universal Music Group (UMG) to debut a girl group on a global scale. Finally, they are also preparing to debut a boy group in Japan through HYBE Label Japan.

HYBE’s Weverse platform will also be in the process of merging with the V LIVE platform in the middle of this year. HYBE will also enter the NFT business with Dunamu, as well as expand the use of BTS IP in dramas and games.

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment will introduce SMCU further with the concept of ‘Metaversal Origin Story’ initiated by Lee Soo Man. Starting from the ‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU Express @ Kwangya’ concert which was held on January 1. The online concert was successfully watched by more than 51 million people in 161 different countries.

This year NCT and aespa are expected to carry out even more activities, as the two groups managed to achieve large album sales in 2021. In addition, SM Entertainment will also hold an SMTOWN concert tour abroad.

Last year SM Entertainment’s DearU platform was listed on the KOSDAQ stock exchange. To date, the DearU platform has gained more than 1.2 million customers worldwide. SM Entertainment, which has entered the metaverse industry, is also expected to release NFT products this year.

JYP Entertainment

This year JYP Entertainment is expected to see an increase in ticket and merchandise sales, as TWICE and NiziU are scheduled to hold a world concert tour. TWICE plans to hold a total of 7 concerts in 5 cities in the United States in February. Two concerts will also be held at the Tokyo Dome in April. ITZY and Stray Kids are also expected to start a concert tour in Japan and America. Meanwhile, NiziU will hold a concert tour in Japan.

JYP Entertainment will also be competing in the 4th generation of idols, as they plan to debut a new girl group. Recently, JYP Entertainment has also debuted a new band called Xdinary Heroes. The boy group from the ‘LOUD’ program is also scheduled to debut this year.

JYP Entertainment has also purchased 4.3 million shares in SM Entertainment’s DearU company, making them the second largest shareholder. JYP Entertainment is also the first major entertainment agency to start an NFT business after collaborating with Dunamu in July 2021. Later, JYP Entertainment will certainly release various virtual content in the form of NFT.

YG Entertainment

TREASURE will be the first YG Entertainment artist to release a new album this year. BLACKPINK is also preparing for a concert tour and a new full album in 2022. Just as Rosé and Lisa successfully made their solo debuts last year, BLACKPINK’s fandom is expected to grow rapidly worldwide.

YG Entertainment will also be debuting a new girl group this year. Previously, there were rumors that YG Entertainment would debut a girl group called Baby Monster or Baemon for short. This will be the first girl group to be debuted by YG Entertainment after BLACKPINK in 2016.

YG Entertainment is also working with HYBE by joining the WEVERSE platform. Various YG Entertainment artists including BLACKPINK have joined the platform. The agency also cooperates with the metaverse platform ZEPETO. The agency has also opened ‘the SamE’, a project aimed at artists and fans alike.

From the plans of the four major agencies above, which plan are you most looking forward to? (ONENEWS.MY.ID)

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