Called Wanting to Hide Laura Anna After Accident, Gaga’s Mother Muhammad: What’s Good For Me?

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Mother of Gaga Muhammad.  (YouTube)

ONENEWS.MY.ID – The dispute between the family of Edelenyi Laura or Laura Anna with Gaga Muhammad seems to be never ending. The debates and different points of view of the two make new problems come in every interview.

One of them is the issue of Gaga Muhammad’s mother wanting to hide Laura in her house after the accident. This was conveyed by Laura’s sister, Greta Iren, on a podcast with Deddy Corbuzier recently.

Greta said Gaga’s mother Muhammad had wanted to hide Laura in her house. “It was her own mother who said to my mother, ‘I wanted to hide it at my house first,’” Greta said.

Mother of Gaga Muhammad. (YouTube)

While on the other hand, Gaga’s mother Muhammad denied emphatically, “No! It is a lie.” The answer was when the issue was raised by Nikita Mirzani on the Crazy Nikmir REAL YouTube channel.

Gaga’s mother Muhammad also admitted that she was surprised to hear Laura’s sister’s statement. According to him, the decision to hide Laura in a terminally ill condition to paralysis is an unreasonable thing.

I’m also new, I’m just surprised to hear, if you say I want to hide Laura at home. That means, think about it or not, in a situation like that I want to hide it, does it make sense, doesn’t it? And it would be a lie if he said I wanted to hide it, no, not at all.” he continued.

Then Mrs. Gaga explained in her mind that there was no point in her having to hide Laura in her house. In fact, it is very risky and can cause new and dangerous problems.

“What’s in it for me? It’s very risky for me, if I hide it. It’s very risky, what’s wrong with someone’s child, I want to be responsible, if I hide it? That’s right. Why should I hide it, it’s a lie,” he explained, ending with a small laugh.

However, Gaga’s own mother admitted that she felt lost and saddened by Laura’s departure. He thinks Laura is a good child, “Basically she is a good child,” he admitted.

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