Colonel Priyanto on his Homecoming Trip when Handi and Salsa collided

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Berkas perkara tiga prajurit TNI AD yang terlibat tabrak lari dan membuang jasad dua sejoli Handi-Salsa di Nagreg kini telah di tangan oditur militer.


Colonel Priyanto and two soldiers TNI AD was on his way to his parents house when he hit Handi and Salsabila on Jalan Raya Nagreg, Bandung Regency, West Java.

Danpuspomad Lieutenant General TNI Chandra W Sukotjo explained from the examination it was known that Colonel Priyanto was originally in Jakarta to attend an official meeting before asking for permission to go home.

On the way they were involved in an accident hitting Handi and Salsa in Nagreg. They then transported the two lovebirds’ bodies and threw them into the river.

“So as the chief commander of his unit, as reported by his subordinates, especially Colonel Priyanto, he went to Jakarta to attend an official meeting, then he gave permission to his superiors to go to his parents’ place, where in the process there was an accident and this led to this crime. “said Chandra at the Otmilti II Office in Jakarta, Thursday (6/1).

Furthermore, he also conveyed that from the initial examination, there were attempts by the suspects in this case to deny their actions. However, from the investigation, evidence was obtained and the three soldiers confessed.

“From the results of the examination, in general it can be seen that what they did, what became the motive was their attempt to abdicate responsibility or take action to eliminate evidence linking it initially was a traffic accident. beyond humanity,” said Chandra.

This case began when two lovebirds were hit by a Panther car with plate B on December 8 near the Nagreg gas station, Bandung Regency. In the accident, one of the residents who witnessed the incident took pictures of the people in the Panther’s car while carrying the victim, including the police number of the perpetrator’s car.

At first, residents who witnessed the incident thought the victim was going to be taken to a hospital. However, the parents of the victim did not find the victim after searching all hospitals and health centers around the area to Bandung City after searching.

After a search, on (11/12) the bodies of the two were found in two different locations. Handi’s body was found in the Serayu River, Banyumas. Meanwhile, Salsabila’s body was found in the Serayu River, Cilacap.

A few days later, the three perpetrators were arrested by the Bandung Police. Not long after, the case was transferred to Pomdam III Siliwangi. Because all three are soldiers of the Indonesian Army.

The perpetrators who have been named as suspects are Colonel Priyanto, who is a member of the Merdeka Military Command and two soldiers from the Diponegoro Military Command, Corporal Two Ahmad Sholeh and Corporal Two Dwi Atmoko.

Some time ago, a member of Commission I of the DPR RI who is also a retired army general, Major General of the TNI (Ret.) TB Hasanuddin, revealed that the two corporals who became suspects were former subordinates of Colonel Priyanto when he was the commander of the Kodim in Central Java.

“The two enlisted men accompanying the Colonel were one from the Diponegoro Military Command. Previously, he was the driver (Colonel Priyanto) when he was the Dandim in Central Java,” Hasan told, Thursday (30/12/2021).

The two corporals, he said, accompanied Colonel Priyanto on his way to Cilacap, Central Java after undergoing an Intel coordination meeting in Jakarta.

Colonel Priyanto served as Head of Intel Kasrem 133/Nani Wartabone (NW) Kodam XIII/Merdeka, based in Gorontalo. He has held this position since June 2020. Previously, he served as Dandim 0730/Gunungkidul and Irutum Inspectorate of Kodam IV/Diponegoro.

Hasanuddin also criticized the actions of three TNI AD soldiers. The former president’s military secretary couldn’t understand how a colonel who incidentally was a middle-ranking officer in the TNI AD institution would do such a thing. He also asked that the three perpetrators be severely punished.


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