Don’t forget to rub your back every bath if you want to age well

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – Scrubbing your back with your hands every time you shower may seem like a mundane chore. But it’s a great way to improve shoulder health, upper back mobility, and even relieve neck pain as you age.

“Maintaining mobility is more about consistency than intensity or duration,” says K. Aleisha Fetters, strength specialist and author Fitness Hacks for over 50. “Taking as little as 30 seconds a day to reach the (back) goal as far as you can comfortably can teach the body that ability is something worth maintaining – and even growing.”

Washing and scrubbing the back involves the four movements of the shoulder that are most commonly affected, namely internal and external rotation and abduction (movement away from the center of the body) and adduction (movement of muscles towards the center of the body).

These movements are needed to do more than just keep the back clean, they also allow people to reach into back pockets, wipe themselves after going to the bathroom, put on their bras and reach into tall kitchen cabinets, says physical therapist Theresa Marko in New York.

That’s why, ultimately, shoulder mobility plays a big role in the ability to move properly and live independently as you age, says Phillip Higgins, a physical therapist who works with the elderly or elderly.

When you don’t practice shoulder movements regularly, your joints may feel tense or even painful when you try to do things that involve your spine.

“Another really important thing to know about shoulder movement is that it really plays a role in mobility and neck pain,” says Marko. When the shoulders are tight and difficult to lift up, it can affect the person’s ability to fully stretch the spine and sit up straight with proper posture. This can lead to a tilted neck position which causes neck stiffness and pain.

Want to try cleaning your own back in the shower? Lift one hand over your shoulder and place it on your upper back, then rub it down as far as you can comfortably for a few seconds. You can use a loofah or cloth. Next, drop your elbows to the sides, put your hands on your lower back and go up. Then switch arms and repeat.

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