DRIPPIN Hack Woollim Artist’s Social Media Account Ahead of Comeback With ‘Villain’ | Kpop Chart

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DRIPPIN caused a stir among fans after hacking all the social media accounts of Woollim Entertainment artists.

Exactly at midnight January 6, 2022, all Woollim Entertainment artists’ social media accounts such as INFINITE, Lee Soo Jung, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, DRIPPIN, and Kwon Eun Bi used the same profile and header photos.

The profile photo of the social media account shows the shadow of a mysterious man, while the header image changes to green binary codes.

Suddenly the Woollim Entertainment artist’s social media account hack immediately attracted the attention of fans around the world. Many fans suspect that this hack is related to the DRIPPIN prologue video for their latest mini album entitled ‘Villain’.

The third mini album ‘Villain’ is planned to be released by DRIPPIN on January 17, 2022. (ONENEWS.MY.ID)

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