Four Tips to Maintain Battery Life

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – The battery is a tool to collect the electric power of motorized vehicles. The main function of the battery is to maintain the availability of electric current in the vehicle. Battery maintenance is very important to ensure its good performance. The matter of maintenance is not only about refilling the battery, but also regarding its cleanliness.

Quoting from Suzuki, here are four tips to maintain the performance of a wet battery to keep it durable:

Battery inspection is not only about water. Also check the body of the battery to check if there is a crack, in the lid, knob. When checking make sure all parts stick firmly and there are no peeling cables. Also check for rust and traces of liming. If there is, it should be removed immediately using sandpaper or a wire brush. Then close the battery terminal using a rubber cover.

  • Battery water volume according to size

Check the battery water to make sure the volume remains at the maximum or minimum limit. The liquid is to store electricity reserves in the battery. When the battery fluid is low, the ability of the battery to store electricity will decrease. On the market, there are two types of battery water, the first is a red bottle or battery, and demineralized. Usually for batteries using demineralized water.

  • Warm up the engine regularly

Before using the vehicle, it is important to warm up the engine for at least 10 minutes. This is to even out the circulation of oil in the engine which is related to vehicle performance. This method is also done so that the electric current in the battery can continue to be filled by an electric generator (alternator). This is so that the condition of the electric current remains stable and maximal.

  • Electronic devices are disabled

Before turning off the car, all electronic devices in the car, such as music players (tape), lamp, must be in the off state. This is so that when starting the car, the electric current from the battery is only focused on the engine starter, not other devices.


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