GOP firebrand Michele Fiore enters Nevada governor's race

Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore announced Tuesday morning that she is running for governor of the state of Nevada.

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  1. 1. Ban ALL mandates: if I want my kids to have polio, who the hell is big government to tell me they can’t have it? Ever hear of “freedom”?
    2. Ban critical race theory: we don’t know what it is, but we definitely don’t like it!
    3. Ban voter fraud: unless they’re voting for one of OUR candidates; then it’s okay.
    4. Ban speed limits: my car, my choice. Ever hear of “freedom”?

  2. I'm extremely conservative. so much so that getting women to represent me is the choice a shell of a man would make, let alone one that thinks boobs and a sidearm would get me to vote for them. I'm a grown man. this country is drowning with female empowerment enough

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