Hone Harawira racist email Te Karere Maori News TVNZ 6 Nov

Hone Harawira racist email Te Karere Maori News TVNZ 6 Nov


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  1. Surprised? L hoa, surprised at what? I'm suprised you are suprosed, but not suprised you grew up in a sheltered enviroment. Anyhting to get your face on TV! If you have ever drunk at a pub or had a private convo I'm sure – POSITIVE you would have heard worse than this! What your doing is called instigating!

  2. Thats true, every culture has its flaws and before the British arrived the Maori were involved in land wars against neighbouring tribes. Thats what happened all over the world at the period in time.

  3. omg!!! You are over the top extreme, to the point of idiocy!!! Hate breeds hate and thats all you are full of! HUMANS ARE HUMANS no matter what their race. You are blaming white people for the tsunami cos they invented cars etc??? Yet i bet you travel that way. you honestly have NO CLUE and this is the last time i will put a word into you as your a waste of space and completely illogical!

  4. hahahaa were history to you, but not to the suffering and oppressed here in Aotearoa that is Maaori. Im on there side.

    Maybe you should Piss Off. This is Polynesia and we destroyed your Captain Cook too.

    The Pacific Tsunami was man made caused by carbon emmissions from vehicles and factories alike. This contributed to deaths of many. Think about where these vehicles were manufactured – US, N.Z. your dumb as. We could care less about NZ British money with the queen on the coin and paper.eat it

  5. oh and lets not forget the millions of dollars that all new zealanders contribute to the pacific nations. Money that these nations rely on and money that without these nations and their people would be either be in abject poverty, or under the direct rule of countries who could give less of a dam.

  6. grow up.
    History is history. And no nations history is spotless, just some are better recorded.
    I have no british ancestory, my ancestors were displaced by the british. So what, thats history. My ancestors were killed in their 10's of thousands by the british. Thats history, does it make my blood boil, no.
    Does it make me spout rubbish trying to connect history directly to what i do today, no.
    You should look at yourself and see how to make life better for all who call NZ home.
    Or piss off.

  7. yes. what you want to call your New Zealand police to kill me too? like you did our peaceful protestors? we won yous lost.

    let me remind you.

    you came here to Polynesia british and live under a british flag in Polynesia.

    and no. your racism? is in the gun barrel the machine gun of NZ Police. the very weapons that killed my people. your racism is in the blood of the innocent lives back home. there tomb stones are a reminder of who you are to us. Murderers.

  8. So you advocate violent toward all white people living in new zealand, based on the colour of their skin.

    That would make you a racist.

    You spout hatred for the people of today baised on injustice of British actions carried out under the New Zealand Administration, a British post.

    Do you seriously think that all white skinned people are British, or in some way directly responsable for their actions.

    If you took the time to learn more you might find that your thinking is way off.

  9. Samoa had 'The Mau.' we didnt have a Mujahideen or Alqaeda or Viet Cong style miltia or any sort. it was a non violent leader that protested in defence of Samoan Sovereignty.

    But he died shot by the New Zealand Administration Police with Machine Gun.

    along with 8 others holding our leader bleeding to death smiling.

    We didnt have a military to defend our country.

    So i share in your suffering Brother and thank you for recognising my support for you and your people.

  10. its only bullets and bombs that stop you and your King. thats why invaded sovereign states have an indigenous defence force to defend the people and country such as the Mujahideen of Iraq, Viet Cong of Vietnam and Alqaeda for Afghanistan and Hezbollah for Palestine.

  11. I see your still here spouting your racist bullshit, standing up for Hone the bigot. And banging your bible.

    You might want to read that btw.
    You clearly don't understand the history of that made up religion or how its been used over time to sanction theft, justify slavery and wipeout civilzations.

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Calling anyone a mofo based on the colour of their skin is blatent racism. And if Hone isn't sacked he damages all ligimacy the the maori party had.

  12. Maori? offended? they are not true Maori. Hone Heke did cut down the british flag here in Auckland and vowed to do it again. He knew exactly what they were up to….so they know nothing.

    You calling me racist? your country is still striving to live by its imperial legacy, that is to treat others as slaves and stereo type them. that is Maori. news you dont want to hear. news this racist media twists. news that so called Maori minority wish for you listen to. divided always has been.

  13. the truth is like a lion. hidden and dangerous. today, i walked to a predominatly white township only to find more Maori out than the norm.

    hmm why is that? where did they all come from?
    Hone has given Maori hope in a society thats forgotten its treaty settlement history. now they're in the spot light, and it will remain there for a long long time. This is about Maoridom. Tagata Whenua. The people the crown decieved. now its hit the fan – 1980's all over again.

  14. The fact at the end of the day is that Maori should not be fighting for what is rightfully thrs! the foreshore and sea bed act is the latest example of CRWON theft. AGAIN healthcare, housing, education costs would not be an issue for Maori who are rightfully entitled to what is bloody thrs to start with! no instead the crown would rather steal 65 million acres of land and leave them economically DEPENDANT on government handouts at the end of the day.. not on, HONE IS RIGHT!! truth had to be said

  15. dude… your an idiot.
    Considering the stats when it comes to abuse, violence, beneficiaries, medical issues, thievery etc etc…. who is raping our land and tax's payers money?
    Im not racist in anyway, but ask yourself and take a look at the big picture.

  16. Oh come on. So in your first comment (now removed) you praise hone's racist remarks and now you pull out a 'god gave…' comment.

    What an utter laod of crap.

    No where in the bronzage man made book called the bible does it even mention that New Zealand existed (Aotearoa – is a newer name than NZ), in fact the earth is described as flat and extending onlyto an area limited to the Med. north africa and the middle east.

    btw did 'god' send Samoan racists here and then they would go home too?

  17. As for the spanish inquisition, i quite frankly think you went on a wrong tangent there.

    At the time Cook 'discovered' NZ there were many other countries out 'discovering' at the same time. Had the spanish still be doing this NZ could have been treated like south america.

    History is history. As a country many have chosen to move forward together and redress wrongs. People like Hone could easily damage any good done in the last 30 years.
    And if maori 'don't need it' why do they demand it?

  18. You seem to have missed my point entirely.

    By historical video do your refer to video (widely used in the late 1970's to early 1990's?) or early film footage from around 1900. Either way any film is not of the time that europeans first came to NZ.

    What i am saying is that any form of decision made based on race is by definition racist.

    This countries history is not without fault from either ethnic group, although lumping all white people as having the same culture is beyond wrong.

  19. Then give us back your written language, the wheel, health care, being first in line for benifits/education funding/prefenential health care based on race.

    Sure, the way things were done in NZ's early history were not right in todays eyes, but maori were not saints then either. Taking land of eachother was par for the courses.

    Racist comments get us as a nation no-where.

    Oh and just think what would have happened to new zealand if Spain had arrived instead of the english…

  20. Actually moriori was the name given to early Maori that lived on chathem island. So in fact if they were eaten it was all within cultural practice of that time. Not to mention all the introduced EUROPEAN diseaeses that rapidly killed off the remainder of the moriori population, as well as white colonialists raping the land and little remianding resources they had on thr island…Hone is right, and im glad hes saying how it is eg. forshore and seabed act, most recent confiscation and injustice!

  21. As a "white m*ther f*ker I don't own land, and definitely haven't stolen any. I'm a third generation NZer, French and Scottish ancestry – so my relatives came out a long time after any "land raping". The same can be said for most "white" NZers Most of todays "white" people have nothing to do with it – I mean for goodnessake, there are no fullblooded Maori's these days, so even those who like to think their not at all Pakeha, are to some extent. Racism, in any form just shows stupidity.

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