Indosiar 27th Anniversary Celebration: Iwan Fans Will Duet With Happy Asmara

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Iwan Fals. (Seno/

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Entering the age of 27, Indosiar has consistently colored the hearts of Indonesian viewers with a variety of entertaining and inspiring shows. In addition to FTV and crime news programs, Indosiar’s position is getting stronger as the home of soccer by continuing to broadcast the prestigious League 1 and Liga 2 football tournaments.

The talent search event at Indoiar has proven to have produced many talented young stars who are able to compete in the entertainment industry and have made a number of achievements. This celebration and expression of gratitude for Indosiar’s achievements throughout its 27 years of innovation is what is outlined in the theme “Extraordinary” which culminates in 2 magical nights guided by 7 hosts on Monday 10 January and Tuesday 11 January 2022.

Harsiwi Achmad as Director of Programming SCM expressed gratitude for the achievements achieved by Indosiar during 27 years of work. Towards its anniversary, Indosiar was named “TV Cares for Culture” at the Film Censorship Institute (LSF) 2021 Award and another award was obtained from the 2021 Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Award at Indosiar as “Broadcasting Institution Caring for Indonesia’s Young Potential”.

The excitement of the peak of Indosiar’s 27th celebration will begin with the spectacular stage “Wonde2ful 7ourney” (read: Wonderful Journey) which will be broadcast live on Monday, January 10, 2021, starting at 18.30 WIB. The Living Legend, Iwan Fals, will appear with 27 Wonderful Voices consisting of 27 alumni stars of Indosiar talent show, including Evi DA, Reza DA, Ical DA, Weni DA, Rani DA, Fildan DA, Putri DA, Aulia DA, Selfi LIDA, Rara LIDA, Randa LIDA, Ridwan LIDA, Faul LIDA, Meli LIDA, Gunawan LIDA, Hari LIDA, Nia LIDA, dr. Iqhbal LIDA, Sulis LIDA, Ratna LIDA, Faisal LIDA, Rio LIDA, Waode POPA, Agnes POPA, Shandy POPA, Jessica POPA, and Gabriel DAC. The magic continues with Happy Asmara whose songs often color the trending list of music on online platforms so that they are able to make their fans ‘devastated’ through the lyrics of the songs in Javanese that they sing. A special duet and premiere on TV will come from Iwan Fals who will duet with Happy Asmara.

Another miracle comes from Elvy Sukaesih who will specifically collaborate with the idol group JKT48. Will Elvy Sukaesih be the 49th honorary member of JKT48? Could Elvy Sukaesih rock JKT48’s signature choreography? Or will JKT48 sing dangdut songs with the Queen of Dangdut Elvy Sukaesih? Prove it all in “Wonde2ful 7ourney”.

Indosiar will also present 7 Viral Singers on the “Wonde2ful 7ourney” stage featuring Andmesh, Anneth, Budi Doremi, Mawar De Jongh, Stevan Pasaribu, Betrand Peto Putra Onsu and Waode POPA. Viral pop songs will be sung by 7 Viral Singer in a more “Extraordinary” way. Get ready to drift away in nostalgia with Via Vallen, Happy Asmara, and Saka who will perform selected songs from The Godfather of Broken Heart, the late Didi Kempot. The best offerings will also be dedicated specifically to 27 Wonderful Voices for Tukul Arwana along with the presence of a new phenomenal father and mother at this time, LESLAR (Lesti DA & Rizky Billar) to encourage the host of the “Tukul Arwana One Man Show” program who is still struggling for the healing process in his life. segment “Get well soon Mas Tukul”.

The climax of the celebration of Indosiar’s 27th Anniversary continues again the next day on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at the “Incredible INDOSIAR 27 Years Concert” which will be broadcast LIVE since 18.30 WIB from Studio 6 EMTEK City. Spectacular performances from the King of Dangdut Rhoma Irama with Sonnet Group are ready to give a surprise appearance across genres that will bring dangdut songs popularized by Bang Haji himself to phenomenal Indian songs. Soimah will “Extraordinarily” be present to revive the figure of Indonesian music maestro, Chrisye. The singer will perform the best works of the late Chrisye as “Mak’e” with 27 Pantura Angels (Findi BP, Via BP, Desofi BP, Nocil BP, Popo BP, Dyah BP, Dias BP, Ayu Vinot BP, Feby BP, Sella BP, Amel BP, Dilla Cinta BP, Putik Amara BP, Fitri Mpit BP, Cantika Imoet BP, Wuny Chan BP, Sabrina Ayu BP, Jamila BP, Anna BP, Selvi BP, Kania BP, Eva BP, Lilis BP, Susi BP,
Ratu BP, Fijo BP, Nilah BP).

Another cross-genre “Extraordinary” collaboration will also be presented by Indonesian Pop Diva, Rossa who will invite Indosiar viewers to sing by collaborating with Un1ty, Byoode (Aulia DA, Putri DA, Rara LIDA, Meli LIDA, and Nia LIDA), and JD Eleven ( Gunawan LIDA, Faul LIDA, Ridwan LIDA, Randa LIDA, and Hari LIDA). Even more exciting, Rossa will appear with Nassar singing love songs. Nassar, who is often called Oppa Nassar Kiyowo, was also prepared to look stunning with an extraordinary surprise. Could Nassar sing
Korean song? What kind of spectacular costume will Nassar wear this time at the “Indosiar Extraordinary 27 Years Concert”? Get ready to witness the appearance of “Extraordinary” from a happy little family, LESLAR with their love child Baby L. What do the three of them have prepared for their fans? Find the answer only at the “Indosiar Extraordinary 27 Years Concert”.


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