Jakarta PWNU Treasurer Asks Police to Arrest Ferdinand Hutahaean

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – Treasurer of the DKI Jakarta Nahdlatul Ulama Regional Management or PWNU Muhammad Taufik asked the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit to order his staff to immediately arrest Ferdinand Hutahaean for his tweet which was deemed to have spread racial slurs.

“I, as treasurer of PWNU DKI, ask the police to immediately arrest Ferdinand for the sake of the nation’s peace,” said Taufik in a statement quoted by ONENEWS.MY.ID, Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Taufik, who is now the deputy chairman of the DKI DPRD, revealed that the reason for asking Ferdinand to be arrested immediately was to teach him a lesson so that he could not be allowed to tweet about divinity.

Taufik recounted that since childhood he had recited the Koran in his hometown in Banten and was taught that there is no weak God. In fact this applies to all religions.

“In Islam, I believe that Allah has Al-Qawiyyu (All-Powerful), Al-Aziz (Almighty), Al Jabbar have (Absolute) Courage,” he said.

“I’m studying with the village kiai. So don’t make noise that can lead to clashes.”

Taufik added that Ferdinand’s statement hurt and damaged the harmonization between religious communities.

“We must always protect religious adherents so as not to hurt or injure each other’s beliefs. So, the tweets on social media are very unfortunate to make noise. Don’t be like that,” he said.

Regarding Ferdinand’s clarification, he assessed his right to defend himself. But there are digital traces of authentic evidence that cannot be denied.

“Please defend yourself. The right is for clarification. Right, the video apologizes. As Muslims, I’m sorry. But, it’s not for the law that must run and there must be a deterrent effect,” he said.

As is known, Ferdinand Hutahaean’s tweet on his Twitter account was controversial. The tweet reads, “It’s a pity that your God is weak, you have to be defended. If I were, my God is extraordinary, omnipotent, He is always my defender and my God doesn’t need to be defended.”

The tweet has now been deleted. Ferdinand also clarified and apologized for his tweet.

KNPI Chairman Haris Pertama then reported Ferdinand Hutahaean’s tweet to the National Police Headquarters on charges of violating the ITE Law and blasphemy.


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