Nightly News Full Broadcast – Nov. 3

Democrats begin blame game after loss in Virginia, children ages 5 to 11 begin receiving Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, and Gen. Milley warns U.S. military needs a ‘fundamental change’ to keep up with China.

00:00 Intro
02:15 Virginia Election Stunner
04:54 Culture Wars
06:55 Child Vaccinations Begin
09:24 NBC News Exclusive: General Milley One-On-One
13:28 ‘Sabotage’ On Rust Set?
15:49 NBC News Exclusive: Bill Gates One-On-One
18:58 Across America: Washington D.C.

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Responses (50)

  1. No, Dems lost because of these mandates they keep opposing on the public, and Biden not taking care of the Black community like he said he would. That’s why the Dems lost. And they are going to lose again, next year in 2022, if they don’t get it together.


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  3. There's no stinkin' fire uss. It's all a joahx to get the keel shots in. And the keel-pills. UK live births now lower than deaths. Check out the black-eyed, rapid-development baybees. These poor kids will be sterile.

  4. If that was a movie set what was live rounds doing there in the first place even after hours you should have never put a real bullet in none of those guns they weren't designed to shoot real bullets I thought all the muzzles were blocked anyhow but no these these prop guns were were proper prop guns at all these things work you know they were designed to be able to shoot bullets these are unproper prop guns yeah somebody needs to go to jail for this but you're going to bury it because somebody's got a lot of money to make it go away like like a normal you know long as you got money you can make anything go away Cleveland murder

  5. The simple fact is it should have been no live rounds anywhere on that movie set you know the simple fact is it was careless you know operation it should have been no live rounds nowhere near those guns it should have been all blanks why were there live rounds in that area in the first place they had no reason to have live rounds laying around

  6. Just like that general said they can replace me anytime they can make me disappear anytime but I'll still work for the military no matter what until you know I'll work for our government type thing yeah you're dedicated slave and they don't give a s*** about you no more in any American life is in the military they Don't Care about Life they want you dead that way they don't have to pay you they don't give a s*** about you cuz once they kick you out of the military you're on your own look at all these military vets and sitting around with no arms no legs you know no way of taking care of themselves now and look look what the American people are doing for them you know it has to be an American people because the military just gave up on them because they're no use to them anymore yeah that's what they do they use you up and spit you out after they you lose an arm or leg or two you know basically they wished you were dead that way they didn't have to pay you

  7. Yeah we can have a foreign country shoot a missile off and we don't even know they did it yep we're really being protected here this missile made it all the way around the world it should have been shot down just before it got lunch

  8. Oh they're giving the guys credit for launching a missile all the way around the world and their military couldn't even detect a launched it yep they're saying good job yeah our military is really protecting us

  9. We have a missiles been launched went all the way around the world but yet our defense didn't do anything about it we should have shot that thing down as soon as we detected it oh that's right they didn't even know they did it that shows us our military is keeping us safe when a missile can go all the way around the world undetected yeah that's her United States government billions and billions of dollars worth of hardware and they still can't even stop this missile couldn't even track this missile didn't even know they launched this missile

  10. Yeah a friend of mine went down and got all the shots he needed to get and guess what he's got Coleman 19 now cuz he went and got the shot to get protected now he's diagnosed with covid-19 yep that's how it worked they're going to give it to you if you survive that's good luck like I said when they give it to you it makes you immune but it fixes it where you get everybody else sick so go ahead and go get your Cobra 19 shot so you can go get everybody sick they're using our kids to spread it

  11. I think that Mike Pompeo was aware about this theory because he was so confident that Donald won the election and he uses to say all the time that we will move smoothly to a 2nd mandate of Donald Trump meaning by that my kingship

  12. Et la vengeance du Christ se fera contre les Juifs.Sont ils aussi en Afghanistan?et les autres pays qui ont une communauté juive dans leurs pays.
    C'est pour cela que certains d'entre eux ont été bien entretenus depuis des années et c'est pour cela que Donald Trump a toujours reconnu Jerusalem comme capitale du pays dont le nom est une autre option pour les gens qui veulent l'utiliser pour m'appeler.
    Trump voulait les fixer là bas parce que la théorie catholique et même musulmane parle de cette tuerie des Juifs en terre d'Israel mais comme Jerusalem a changé de place,donc cela se fera dans les environs de ma future demeure.
    C'est pour cela qu'il a eu une réunion des Savants Musulmans et Chrétiens sans que les Juifs ne soient associés.
    Na,Na,Na …….
    Quoi d'autres,si je me rappelle de quelque chose,je reviendrais vers vous.

    C'est pour cela que j'avais dit aux Afghans dès les 1ers jours que vous allez me donner les clès de ce pays mais ils n'ont pas voulu me croire.
    Les fameux Sales people ,the Coaches

  13. Racism is everywhere look at Africa….people there are divided…may not be black v white but what exist is a difference among their "ethnic" groups. It's innate, but in the US we can bring it up and out then address it. In other countries, it is suppressed. This is still the best country in the world.

    A blessed day to you brothers and sisters. (We are all called to be family in Christ!🙂) Family, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD DIED FOR OUR SINS, HE WAS BURIED, AND HE ROSE AGAIN THE THIRD DAY!🙂💯🔥 Jesus (the SON OF GOD) LOVES US ALL!💯🙂 Peace and love to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus.🙂

  15. How hard is it " if your the responsible person " to check all rounds of a gun your are clearing to shoot on a movie set .
    Her Attorneys bogus claim . The Armorer is one who is loaded the bullets last … end of story .
    Whats more plausible is that " she" had a vendetta on someone in the crew .
    The fact still remains that ( 500 ) rounds of live ammunition were on site .
    This was attested by the Sheriff's office , and has yet to be explained .

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