Raiders' Henry Ruggs III accused of DUI after fatal crash in west Las Vegas Valley

Raiders wide received Henry Ruggs III is accused of DUI resulting in death after a fatal crash Tuesday morning in the west Las Vegas Valley, according to LVMPD

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  1. Not agreeing with the decision but I hope y’all dumbass people realize that you wouldn’t be thinking or saying the same shit if y’all were drunk. Everybody makes mistakes, no he shouldn’t have drove but y’all making it seem like he murdered this women it was a car ACCIDENT. Blame the people that made weed illegal but the shit getting everybody killed is still legal.

  2. His lawyer might use the tactics that got Josh Jacobs acquitted because his alcohol was below .08 and maybe if the police? took his blood alcohol level without HIS consent. In this case he KILLED someone(big deal) Jacobs didn't kill anyone. Money and a corrupt JUDGE will let him go and continue football as he has him on his 6-5 bet this week against the Giants.

  3. This is what happens when you bring the raiders to town. Your head coach is racist, this is not the 1st player charged with DUI and now a Vegas Resident is dead. This organization continues to be a shit show. It starts with the owner who looks like a homeless man in a nice suit.

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