Raiders' Henry Ruggs III charged in fatal crash in west Las Vegas

Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III is facing charges after a fatal crash Tuesday morning in the west Las Vegas Valley.

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  1. Football is a sport designed for the retarded. Having these overpaid jackasses driving around smashing things up denigrates the people who actually work and contribute. The Raiders should be decimated, where every tenth man is drawn up and killed by the others. In schools, having a special needs team of football players given special status for their brute stupidity is denigrating to the other students who often have to dumb themselves down to match their falsely esteemed peers. To fit in and match the frothing stupidity of an in house football team is a serious form of self harm. The Raiders should be decimated and football removed from the schools.

  2. Anyone ever see the movie "law Abiding Citizen?" It is one of the best revenge action movies of all time. If the victim in this senseless killing was my daughter or wife, I would simply go dormant for a few years until the case washes over and is forgotten. Like a cobra, I then strike. I do not necessarily recommend this but it is what I would do.

  3. Big time raiders fan big fan of Ruggs . But I'm disgusted by this whole thing. This has really been a very strange season to say the least. My condolences to the family of the young lady that was taken way to soon, so so sad a senseless tragedy. As for Henry, He made a really bad decision and he's going to pay the price . When are people going to learn Alcohol is poison, and then you put a car in the mix this is what you end up with. She was 23 and died a horrible senseless death because of Alcohol it changes you it blocks your thinking Process and causes nothing but trouble. Trust me 14 years sober…

  4. He better not get probation or the minimum of 2 years because of who he is and how much money he’s got . Young lady just 23 years of age lost her life because of his actions and decisions . The system needs to set an example too the rest of the league or any young millionaires . You drink and drive and cause fatal accidents, your money isn’t getting you outta this one . If he serves anything less than 5 years there’s no justice for this young lady . If he gets probation or 2 years there isn’t a message of deterrence for this kind of behavior. Your young and rich ? Come to Las Vegas you can drink and drive and even kill members of our community and you might just get probation , worst cause you’ll do a minimum of 2 years jail time .

  5. Dumb azz drive the speed limit and or get a ride home or sleep in your car till it your buzz is over just park someplace better off but also parking and sleep in your car is illegal technically I don't know why

  6. This is a tragedy for the person who was killed. That wide receiver who causes the crash…..who gives a dam about him at this point. That wide receiver had a great career, was making real money and I would give anything to make just a third of what he was making. This makes me sick. He has everything and throws it away. I’m getting sick here. This pisses me off so much. I wish I could make that kind of money. That kid wants a reason to drink….go work as a cashier in a grocery store. That will give you a reason to drink. The job pays crap and you’re treated like an imbecile by most customers. You have to drink after working a shift in a grocery store just forget, for a few hours, about what a crappy job you have.

  7. His attorneys will blame it on the innocent bystander who called 911 and reported the accident. The bystander will be blamed by attorneys for not assisting the trapped woman in the car.

  8. News just stated the young lady driving the Toyota was only 23 years old and Riggs was treated for minor injuries and transferred to the Clark County Detention Center. Riggs has a preliminary hearing tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

    My heart hurts for all those involved . God bless both families because this tragedy affects so many😢😢🙏🏼🙏🏼

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