Ricky Cawor’s Beautiful Goal Moment in the Final Minutes, Protect Persipura’s Marwah from Persela

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“In the past, Persipura was very successful…”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – At that time Persipura Jayapura was a club that was very respected in the Indonesian football stage. Not only that, several times the gait of the club nicknamed the Black Pearl has also made Indonesia proud, for example when it advanced to the semifinals of the 2014 AFC Cup.

The wheels are turning and in the last few years, Persipura have really been under, even this season Persipura have struggled to avoid relegation.

And most recently, they almost fell deeper, still lucky to finally be held to a 1-1 draw by Persela Lamongan in the match week 18 of the 2021/22 Liga 1 season at I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Bali, on Thursday (6/1) afternoon WIB.

Review of the Game

At first Persela endangered Persela Lamongan’s defense, where their sticker Malik Risaldi released long distance in the 7th minute, but unfortunately his shot was slightly over the Persipura bar.

A minute later, Ferry Pahabol and Persela goalkeeper Dwi Kuswanto were involved in a pretty hard collision, and both of them were lying on the field and also had to receive temporary treatment. But the referee considered it was not a violation for Persipura.

10 Photos of Wags That Existed in the 90s

In the 19th minute, Sharza successfully welcomed a corner kick. Unfortunately, the accuracy of his header is still wide enough from the Persipura goal.

Persela actually had scored in the last minute of the first half. When Abiyoso received a pass in the penalty box and struck the ball, but unfortunately Abiyoso was already standing in an offside position.

Meanwhile, Persipura occasionally retaliated. In minute 57, Mandowen kick off from close range. However, his kick ball can still be countered by Dwi.

The goal that Persela had been waiting for finally happened in the 61st minute. Wilkson managed to snatch the ball from Monim, he pushed the ball in the Persipura penalty box, and finally fired an accurate shot. And Persela won first.

The minutes continued until finally Ricky Cawor, the top scorer of PON Papua 2021, scored his first goal for Persipura in the final minutes of the match. Really last minute. The 23-year-old player who came on for Takuya Matsunaga took advantage of the rebound from a corner kick.

His measured kick managed to make Persipura get one point. Saving the dignity of the pride of the Papuan community which is currently struggling.

With this result, Persipura is still ranked 17th, with a collection of only 14 points. On the other hand, Persela is not much different, namely in 16th place with 15 points.

Starting Line Up Persipura vs Persela

Starting XI Persipura: Fitrul Rustapa; Nyoman Ansanay, Brian Fatari, Donni Monim, Irsan Rahman Lestaluhu; Nelson Alom, Takuya Matsunaga, Fridolin Yoku; Gunansar Mandowen, Yehven Bokhashvili, Yohanes Ferinando Pahabol.

Starting XI Persela: Dwi Kuswanto; Ricky Ohorella, Mohammad Zaenuri, Demerson, Nasir; Guilherme Batata, Gian Zola Nugraha, Jabar Sharza; Malik Risaldi, Jose Wilkson, Riyatno Abiyoso

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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