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Ryuji Utomo was not brought by Persija Jakarta to Bali for the 2021 BRI Liga 1 continuation. Angelo Alessio confirmed that the defender was only left temporarily.

Liga 1 will start again and enter Series 4 which will be held in Bali until the end of the season. Series 4 League 1 will be held from Thursday (6/6/2022).

Persija had already left for Bali with 26 players. Of the names that were brought, there was no name Ryuji who had just returned to Indonesia after strengthening the Indonesian national team in the 2020 AFF Cup.

This condition gave rise to speculation regarding Ryuji’s future with Persija. But Persija coach Angelo Alessio guarantees that Ryuji is still part of the team when giving a press statement, Wednesday (5/1/2022).

Nearby, Persija will play PSIS Semarang in week 18 of Liga 1. In the match that will be held at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali, Ryuji has not been able to take part.

“So currently Ryuji Utomo’s condition is in quarantine, the plan is to finish on the 7th or 8th (January),” said Angelo Alessio.

Ryuji briefly left Persija by strengthening the Malaysian club, Penang FA, for the 2021 season on loan. He was released by Macan Kemayoran to the club participating in the Malaysian Super League to give him the opportunity to play because of the absence of the Indonesian competition.

While strengthening Penang, Ryuji was rumored to be interested in several clubs from Korea to Japan. The absence of Ryuji’s name in the squad that was brought to Bali also gave rise to this speculation again.

But Angelo Alessio dismissed the news. Currently Persija only temporarily leaves Ryuji who is still undergoing quarantine in Jakarta.

“After quarantine, he (Ryuji) will undergo a medical test. Considering when he was in the national team he was injured, then we will see if he can join or not,” said Angelo Alessio.

“Personally I hope Ryuji can join. To strengthen the team in the second round,” he said.

List of 26 Persija Players Brought to Bali:

1. Andritany Ardhiyasa
2. Adixi Lenzivio
3. Yoewanto Setya Beny
4. Marco Motta
5. Inspiration Rio Fahmi
6. Ismed Sofyan
7. Otavio Dutra
8. Maman Abdurahman
9. Muhammad Ferarri
10. Ciptady Brotherhood
11. Samuel Simanjuntak
12. Novri Setiawan
13. Ahmad Bustomi
14. Adrianus Dwiki Arya
15. Ichsan Kurniawan
16. Tony Sucipto
17. Rohit Chand
18. Eat Konate
19. Braif Fatari
20. Ramdani Lestaluhu
21. Riko Simanjuntak
22. Alfriyanto Nico
23. Osvaldo Haay
24. Irfan Jauhari
25. Marko Simic
26. Taufik Hidayat

*The composition of players can change at any time depending on team conditions.

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