Samuel Sekuritas Predicts JCI Corrected to Approach 6,600 Today

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ONENEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia estimates that the Jakarta Composite Index will correct first with strong support at 6,600 in today’s trading. In yesterday’s trading, the JCI weakened to 6,662,299.

“JCI yesterday strengthened at the beginning of the session, but then formed a bearish engulfing and occurred at the resistance area of ​​6,670-6,695. Strengthening our estimate that it will correct first, with strong support at 6,600. The critical limit is around 6,600,” said Samuel Sekuritas analyst, M Alfatih , in a written statement, Thursday, January 6, 2021.

There are at least seven stocks that are observed in today’s trading. First, the shares of Bank Jago alias ARTO, which rose again and closed at 17,775 in yesterday’s trading.

“Opening the opportunity to continue the increase towards the target of 18,500-19,300 then 20,000-22,000. The risk limit is 17,650, buy back 16,000,” said Alfatih.

Next, the share price of Bank BNI aka BBNI yesterday rebounded and closed at 6,950. The stock price has the chance to continue its upward trend towards the theoretical level at 7,550 with another resistance at 7,125-7,200. The risk cap is at 6,950.

Meanwhile, BBRI’s stock price also rebounded in yesterday’s trading and closed at 4,210. This state-owned banking stock has a chance to reach the theoretical target around 4,380, then 4,450, and another resistance at 4,330.

Meanwhile, Cemindo Gemilang alias CMNT in yesterday’s trading rebounded from the support in the 1.070-1.120 consolidation.

Meanwhile, Merdeka Copper Gold alias MDKA in yesterday’s trading was still above the rising channel at around 3,870 and closed at 3,950. The resistance is at 4,130-4,275, then 4,570.

Furthermore, Bank Raya Indonesia alias AGRO yesterday fell to support at 1,490 and closed at 1,535. The resistance is at 1.575-1.735-1.800-1.900.

Finally, Astra Internasional or ASII in yesterday’s trading broke the support which became resistance at 5,650. The target for the decline is at 5,650. The other resistance is at 5770.


Disclaimer: This news is the result of cooperation with PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia. This news is not intended to invite readers to buy or sell shares. The investment decision is entirely in the hands of the reader.


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