Shaq, Las Vegas mayor unveil two new basketball courts donated to West Las Vegas community

The former NBA player and Las Vegas Mayor were present to announce two new courts at the Doolittle Complex in West Las Vegas, donated by the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation.

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  1. Well, isn't this just stereotypical. Why not build a trade school or a STEM school. Or maybe this is all that is expected from them since most of the democrat politicians have this weird notion that these people have a hard time getting an identification card. I call this racist. It will be Burn Looted & Murdered with next racial "incident".

  2. Well for your information, team FEVER702 and team AVENGERS702 used this court during the pandemic because they couldn't be in the gym or tournaments. This is the court they trained on til the AAU season began and the gyms opened up. Fortunately for them, the hood courts were the only courts open during the pandemic, Thank God our babies didn't get sick and were ready for their season. So pls stop with negative attitudes and try to "act" like adults. Because we will definitely be using this court!!

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