Shin Tae-yong Only Calls Indonesian League Players for FIFA Matchday January 2022

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“No foreign players will be asked to return this month. What is the reason?”

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Shin Tae-yong confirmed that the Indonesian national team will hold an international trial match on FIFA Matchday, later this month. The South Korean coach also stated that he would only call players who were playing in the Indonesian competition.

According to the agenda, FIFA has determined the official schedule for the first official match in 2022, which is on January 20-31. And, to increase points and FIFA rankings, PSSI plans to conduct international test matches.

Based on the latest current rankings, Indonesia has prepared a number of potential opponents according to FIFA criteria. Rumors are, Brunei Darussalam, Bangladesh, to Tajikistan. They are the three countries that PSSI is said to be contacting through the existing system in FIFA and the AFC.

Although they don’t know which opponent they will face yet, PSSI said it would try to make the match held in Indonesia, especially Bali. The reason is that League 1 players are currently gathering on the Island of the Gods for the fourth series. In addition, so as not to be hampered by quarantine after returning from abroad.

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So, Tae-yong immediately moved quickly. He made sure to call the players soon. However, unlike during the 2020 AFF Cup, Tae-yong will not repatriate members of the Garuda squad who are grazing abroad. “I will only call players from the Indonesian League,” said Tae-yong, as reported by Antaranews.

The decision was taken to repay the kindness of foreign clubs who had released players during the AFF Cup, even though they were not included in FIFA matchday. “Clubs (overseas) have been kind enough to release their players and we have to repay that. So, this time we have to give in,” added Tae-yong,

If you look at the squad in the AFF Cup, Indonesia has three players playing in Europe. They are Witan Sulaeman (Lechia Gdansk), Elkan Baggott (Ipswich Town), and Egy Maulana Vikri (FK Senica). Meanwhile, two other players, Syahrian Abimanyu, played in Johor Darul Ta’zim (Malaysia) and Asnawi Mangkualan in Ansan Greeners (South Korea).

Regarding the opponent, Tae-yong admitted that he had already decided. However, it will only be announced PSSI. Likewise, the date for the training camp has not been set. “We still have to wait because the league schedule is very tight. So, we are still waiting for coordination between the league and PSSI,” concluded Tae-yong.

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