Snowdrop Star Kim Mi-soo Passes Away

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Kim Mi-soo passed away.  (doc.IST)

Thursday, January 6, 2022 20:00:22

Kim Mi-soo passed away. (doc.IST)

ONENEWS.MY.ID – One of the stars of Snowdrop, Kim Mi-soo, has died at the age of 31. The sad news was confirmed by the actress’ agency, Landscape Entertainment, on Wednesday (5/1). In the statement, the agency did not reveal the reason or cause of the actress’s death. They just announced Kim Mi-soo’s funeral plans.

“We are heartbroken and sad to say that actress Kim Mi-soo passed away on Wednesday (5/1),” said a representative of the Landscape Entertainment agency.

“We ask that no one spread rumors or speculation about this so that the shocked and grieving family can remember the late Kim Mi Soo,” they added.


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