Sri Mulyani believes that the land around IKN will increase soon

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Menkeu Sri Mulyani menilai jenis pajak dan retribusi daerah yang terlalu banyak menyebabkan biaya administrasi dan transaksi yang tinggi.


Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani believes the land price around the new capital area (IKN), North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan, will soon increase. This is in line with the incessant planning of infrastructure development in the area of ​​the candidate to replace DKI Jakarta.

“I’m almost sure that if the lecturers own land here, the price will go up soon,” said Ani, who is familiarly called, at the signing of the SBSN Asset Marking Inscription in Balikpapan, Wednesday (5/1).

Ani’s belief is based on the central government’s plan to advance the economy of East Kalimantan by massively developing infrastructure, ranging from government buildings or offices, toll roads, bridges, and other supporting facilities for the capital.

“We are going to build a toll road, so you must have careful planning because living in this location will be completely different from the existence of IKN,” he explained.

In line with that, Ani warned that the physical development should also be followed by the development of Kalimantan’s human resources. The reason is, if it is not balanced and the people are left behind, the development will not be optimal.

“But if the people are left behind, desperate, it will not be good, so prepare the human resources,” explained Ani.

On the same occasion, Ani stated that she would also review the location of the new capital city candidate on Thursday (6/5) today with PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono.

Ani admits that although she manages and decides the amount of the IKN development budget, in fact she herself has never seen the field where the IKN will be built later.

“The Minister of Finance has been asked to discuss the IKN Law but I have never seen where it is located? Is it true that there is land? So tomorrow I will see the location with Pak Basuki,” concluded Ani.

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