Synopsis DEWI RINDU SCTV Episode 37 Today Thursday 6 January 2022

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Sinopsis DEWI RINDU SCTV Episode 1 Hari Ini Senin 13 Desember 2021

ONENEWS.MY.ID – Synopsis DEWI RINDU SCTV Episode 37 Today Thursday 6 January 2022

Inka called Toni. Tony was surprised. Inka said she just wanted to talk about Dewi and Rangga’s marriage. Inka asks Toni to help her. It turned out that when Yuna appeared, she was shocked when she found out that Toni was on the phone with Inka. Yuna immediately grabbed it. And asked Inka not to contact Toni again. Inka says Yuna don’t misunderstand. Yuna said don’t make excuses!

Dewi turned out to be right on the way. When Dewi heard Yuna speak, Yuna said she was Dewi’s real mother! Dewi is shocked and says, what did mama say?

Morning – morning, miss the spirit very much. Because today he will perform. Yuna and Toni were happy to see Rindu happy like that. Rangga is having breakfast with Bram and Inka. Inka wants Rangga to get married soon, the way is also open. Bram was upset and angry. While asking Inka not to say nonsense and impossible.

Maya comes to Nino’s cafe. Maya says she is addicted to Nino’s coffee. Nino is very happy because not many people want to be his coffee customers. Maya convinced Nino. Nino can definitely be successful. Nino says thanks but sad.

Rangga and Dewi meeting with King. Rangga presentation about his media company. King deliberately restrained Rangga for more presentations. Goddess worried.
Dewi met Rindu at her school. The event is about to start. Missing to ask Om which Hero? Dewi assures Rindu that Om Hero will come soon.


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