The Attorney General’s Office Clarifies the Results of the Civil Service Psychological Test: There are only 0 and 1 scores

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Soal ramai nilai nol pada tes psikologi dan kesehatan CPNS, Kejaksaan Agung menjelaskan itu karena cuma ada dua jenis nilai yakni 0 dan 1.


attorney General’s Office explains the giving of zero marks in the results of psychological and health tests carried out during the selection of Candidates for Civil Servants (civil servant) 2021.

In this case, the giving of the zero was circulated and reported in a number of mass media in recent times. The Prosecutor’s Office stated that a zero score was possible in the recruitment process.

“That the number 0 in the announcement of the passing of the Indonesian Prosecutor’s CPNS selection is basically not an achievement value for sub-tests that are abortive, such as psychological, psychological and health tests,” said the Head of the Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum) at the Attorney General’s Office, Leonard Eben Ezer in a written statement, Thursday ( 6/1).

He explained that there were only values ​​0 and 1 in the sub-test. Where, he said, the number 0 is a code for participants who do not meet the requirements (TMS), while 1 is a code for participants who meet the requirements (MS).

“Unlike the case with sub-tests that have weights or those that are not aborting, such as interviews, CAT, Equality, Martial Arts or Job Training, the assessment range is 0-100,” he explained.

He stated that giving a value of 0 was not something unusual. He said, since the initial announcement of the Prosecutor’s CPNS selection on June 30, 2021, the series of tests carried out at the Indonesian Attorney’s Office were carried out openly.

In addition, Leonard added that the relevant rules have also been explained to all prospective applicants.

In this case, the selection assessment component consists of sub-tests that have a weighted value and some are abortive, namely Psychological Test, Psychiatric and Health.

“Where the three sub-tests that are aborting are absolutely necessary in order to recruit candidates for the RI Attorney General’s Office in accordance with their duties and functions as law enforcers,” he said.

He mentioned that to become an employee of the Prosecutor’s Office, it does not only require intellectual intelligence, but also is supported by mental readiness, potential, psychological, as well as mental health and good physical health.

In addition, he said, the Prosecutor’s Office also guarantees the objectivity of the recruitment process. He stated that the appointment of the HR consultant team was carried out by carrying out psychological tests and psychological tests with an open auction mechanism through e-procurement/electronic auctions, so that their independence was maintained.

“Meanwhile, health tests are held simultaneously in regional hospitals which are then assessed centrally by the Independent Prosecutors’ Team of Doctors, so as to minimize the occurrence of fraud,” he explained.

For information, the zero value has emerged in the last few days. A number of media reported the statement of the Chairman of DPD RI La Nyalla who asked for an explanation from the AGO regarding the results of the psychological tests and medical tests that Ghufron, the son of a street sweeper in Surabaya, got a zero score.

The value of zero is then considered to raise a question mark. Is the data entry wrong or is the value zero. Meanwhile, the person concerned has comparative data, and includes a graduate with a high GPA.

According to him, the explanation is important so that there is no negative perception in the acceptance of prospective prosecutors. The reason is, the news is considered to have become a public conversation, especially in Surabaya.

In that incident, Ghufron’s name was declared to have failed because he did not meet one of the requirements in one/several stages of the SKB required by the agency and Panselnas. He got a score of 0 for psychological tests and medical tests.


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