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The second round of Liga 1 2021 or Serie 4 in Bali is allowed to have spectators. For this reason, there is a policy that is set referring to the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs.

The government has issued the latest policy regarding the Implementation of Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1 Corona Virus Disease 2019 Restrictions in the Java and Bali regions. The latest policy was issued in the form of Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs number 01 of 2022.

In the eighth dictum in the Ministry of Home Affairs number 01 of 2022, a special policy is explained that regulates the plan for having spectators at the holding of Liga 1 matches.

It is stated in point 4 that there will be a trial run for Liga 1 matches by accepting live spectators at the stadium, with the following conditions;

(a) trials are conducted at one match per week,

(b) the maximum number of spectators is 25% of the stadium capacity or a maximum of 5,000 people,

(c) only spectators with the green category in the PeduliLindung application may enter the stadium and

(d) the match which is conducted on trial with spectators is determined by PSSI and PT LIB.

“We always obey and obey the provisions that have been issued by the government. Included in the organization of the League 1 football match which is planned to be attended by spectators. The details that will be determined in the plan are also adjusted to the latest government policies,” said the general chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), Akhmad Hadian Lukita explained, he had planned to have a limited number of spectators for the 2021/2022 Liga 1 Series 4 held.

LIB then made special rules for spectators who wanted to come to the stadium. The regulation has been adjusted to government policy.

“Some regulations that must be obeyed, for example, spectators must have done an antigen swab test with a negative result and have entered the PeduliLindung application. Spectators and anyone who can enter the stadium must have been vaccinated twice. Without exception,” said Akhmad Hadian Lukita.

“God willing, next week there will be spectators for the 2021/2022 Liga 1 match. Of course, in a limited number and strict implementation of prokes,” he concluded.

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