TVNZ One News – Undersea Volcano Eruption 09 [ Tonga ]

Thrusday 19th March 2009
Undersea volcanic eruption, 10km away from Tonga.

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  1. Ferry captain Maka Tuputupu blamed the sinking on rusted loading ramps that allowed water into the boat, and said the Tongan government should take responsibility because it knew there were problems with the ship.

    "The government knows everything about the boat; they know because they surveyed the boat," he told New Zealand's TV3 News on Monday.

    Tuputupu said waves were only three feet high (one meter) when the ferry sank.

  2. well its a normal incident. This happens all over the world. every day there are volcanoes erupting but nobody cares. this was just a more spectacular one. There are thousands of undersee volcanoes in the world. Its caused by plate tectonics and there movement. its very common especially in the pacifi and atlantic ocean

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