Madura United vs Bhayangkara FC League 1 Results: Goals Rain, The Guardian Wins | Bolaindo

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The following are the results of the match continued for the 19th week of the highest caste competition of Liga 1 season 2021-2022 between Madura United vs. Bhayangkara FC.

The League 1 match between Madura United vs Bhayangkara FC has just finished being presented at the I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali on Friday (14/01/22) night WIB.

In that match, Bhayangkara FC won 3-2 with a brace from former Bali United bombers Melvin Platje and Adam Alis.

Then two single goals from Laksar Sape Kerrab against The Guardian were scored by Hugo Gomes dos Santos Silva alias Jaja via the penalty spot.

This result made Bhayangkara FC successfully displace Persib Bandung in second place in the League 1 standings and closely stick to Arema FC with the same points.

Meanwhile, Madura United are still stuck in 13th position in the standings by collecting 21 points from 19 matches. They should have a chance to overtake Tira Persikabo and PSM Makassar.

Game Play:

Relying on the return of Evan Dimas, Paul Munster’s troops immediately controlled the game from the early minutes of the first half.

The first opportunity was obtained by Bhayangkara FC in the eighth minute through the movement of Andik Vermansah. However, Andik’s shot could still be thwarted by Madura United goalkeeper Muhammad Ridwan.

Finally The Guardian was able to break the egg in the 14th minute. Former Bali United bomber, Melvin Platje was able to score a goal after using a pass from Andik Vermansah.

Disadvantaged 0-1 made Renan Silva et al did not remain silent. They continued to attack but still no additional goals were created until the first half was over.

After the break, Madura United coach Fabio Lefundes immediately made a change by pulling out Kevy Syahertian and entering Bayu Gatra.

However, Bhayangkara FC could actually double the advantage to 2-0 in the 54th minute. Melvin Platje scored again after utilizing an assist from Andik Vermansah.

Six minutes later, disaster came for Paul Munster’s troops. They got a penalty after Ruben Sanadi did a handball in the forbidden box.

Hugo Gomes dos Santos Silva alias Jaja who became the executor successfully carried out his duties well and reduced the gap to 2-1.

Entering the 70th minute, the game is getting hotter. Bhayangkara FC continues to be under pressure from the front lines of Laskar Sape Kerrab.

However, a quick counter-attack from Bhayangkara FC in the 74th minute made the score change to 3-1. Adam Alis, who took advantage of an error on the right side of the Madura United defense, was able to dribble almost half the field and hit the ball into Muhammad Ridwan’s goal.

Again, behind the difference of two goals, Fabio Lefundes’ troops heated up. Towards the end of the second half, precisely in the 89th minute, Jaja managed to score a brace by utilizing a free kick.


Madura United (4-3-3): Muhammad Ridwan; Alekvan Djin, Kadek Raditya, Fachruddin Aryanto, Novan Sasongko; Asep Berlian, Renan Silva, Jaja, Kevy Syahertian, Haris Tuharea, Beto Goncalves.

Coach: Fabio Lefundes

Bhayangkara FC (3-2-2-3): 12-Cloud Setho Raharjo; Anderson Salles, Hansamu Yama, Ruben Sanadi; Sani Rizki Fauzi, Evan Dimas, Lee Yoo-joon, Teuku Ichsan; Andik Vermansyah, Ezechiel N’Douassel, Melvin Platje.

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